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Friday, 12 October 2018 15:53

Street children plight remains a concern

Written by  Tione Andsen
Mwale expresed conern on the plight of Street Children - Pic by Tione Andsen Mwale expresed conern on the plight of Street Children - Pic by Tione Andsen

Lilongwe, October 11, 2018: Lilongwe Registrar. Judge Justice Fiona Mwale has noted that the plight of street children still remain a major concern in country.

She made the remarks Wednesday in Lilongwe when an Advocacy Training working for Media on prevention of children living or working on the streets in Malawi supported by the Eye of the Child.

Mwale pointed out that the plight of children living in or on streets need urgent attention which calls for collaborative approach in order to lessen it.

The Judge observed that not all children in the streets are orphans but some have resorted to be there as results of being subjected to abuses in home.

She disclosed that 80 per cent of the children have homes but poverty is pushing them into the street.

“The children in the street need to be protects from any form of abuse. They need protection, care and support for them to growth into useful citizens of the country,” Mwale explained.

The Judge said families have contributed to the increase of the street children due to continued stigma and discrimination they are facing.
She called on the Media to be instrumental to ensuring that the plight of street children in the country in exposing them.

Mwale urged the Media to take to task the duty bearers to take up their responsibility to help the street children to enjoy their human rights.

Executive Director of Eye of the Child, Maxwell Matewere his organization wants to cement partnership with the media to working closely in the issues of street children.

He said the partnership should aim at reducing some of the challenges the street children are facing and finding alternatives on how they should be addressed.

Matewere point out that the issue of street children is a shared concern which need to be looked at critically.

“We need to involve cross section of various stakeholders in order to give a listen ear to what the street children are going through. We have the obligation to help government in address some of the bottlenecks in the drive to help that street to lead a normal life,” the Executive Director stated.

The Media was oriented on the demography situation of children found in streets of Malawi, challenges faced by children working or living in the streets, child rights as special human rights, roles and responsibility of key duty bearers, the role of the media in preventing children living or working in the street.


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