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About Malawi News Agency


  Having been established in 1966, the Malawi News Agency (MANA) is the news gathering and dissemination organ of the Malawi Government under the Ministry of Information. MANA, as an institution, collects, packages and disseminates information in the form of news and photographs through print and electronic media. Being the biggest news network in the country, almost all reputable media houses on MANA’s subscription and mailing list – and any media house can apply to be on our mailing list. Please use the “contact us” log on this website to get more information on how you can become associated with the news giant in Malawi – and in principle, it will cost you nothing.


The main function of MANA is to collect, analyse, disseminate, package and distribute news and public information. MANA boasts of a network of experienced, well-trained field journalists throughout the country and we have the mechanism to distribute news gathered to other media organizations in and outside Malawi.    Arguably, MANA is the largest and, probably, most well managed news organization in Malawi. This is because of the way we are structured. MANA has its headquarters in Lilongwe, three Regional Offices i.e. Lilongwe, the Capital City of Malawi, Blantyre, the commercial city of the country and in the southern part of the country and Mzuzu, situated in the northern part of Malawi – and MANA has offices in all the 28 districts of the country.    Through its national network, MANA gathers, processes, packages and distributes hard news stories, feature articles and photographs on social, economic and political matters to its subscribers

Foreign Journalists Accreditation

MANA is also responsible for the accreditation of all foreign journalists coming to work in Malawi. This means that if foreign based journalists, both print and electronic, wish to come to Malawi to cover an event or collect material for a radio, newspaper and/or magazine; or for a film or Television production, they are directed to MANA for accreditation. This could be done on arrival or while the journalists are still in their home countries. 


MANA is headed by a Chief Information Officer responsible for Press, popularly referred to as Managing Editor, and reports to the Deputy Director of Information (Press and Publications). S/he is assisted by the Deputy Managing Editor and a team of five editors. In addition to editorial staff there are also administrative staff MANA also has a dynamic team of professional photojournalists who compliment the reporting arm of the agency.

Other Services

  MANA is also available to any government Ministry and/or department, non-governmental organization, private sector etc. to assist with coverage of any work that may need such services as news stories and/or photography   Added to all this, MANA also contributes greatly to the Ministry of Information’s inhouse publications like: - Boma Lathu, This is Malawi, Malawi Lero, Malawi Year Book and any other adhoc Publications the Ministry undertakes at any time e.g. event specific publications   We are also in the process of negotiations and discussion with different developmental partners that we can publish specific products tailored to their needs at small and negotiable fee.  

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