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Fischer appeals for calm in football games

Written by  Rahim Kamwana
Let there be peace on our grounds: Fisher Kondowe Let there be peace on our grounds: Fisher Kondowe

Lilongwe, November 8. 2017: Veteran right-wing midfielder for Nyasa Big Bullets Fisher Kondowe has called on supporters for the team to refrain from violence during matches because the conduct is costing clubs dearly.  

Kondowe has come with the appeal following a number of violent incidents by supporters of different teams which has resulted in teams paying huge fines to Super League Association of Malawi (Sulom) or the Football Association of Malawi (FAM).

Posting in his Facebook page, Kondowe said it is high time people patronized the game in a free environment without causing any fear or harm.

“I do urge all Nyasa Big Bullets fans to stay calm and avoid violence at the stadium because every mistake they make affect the team.

“The team pay huge fines using resources that could towards improving the welfare of players,” Kondowe said.

The long-serving Bullets player added that supporters’ misconduct also tarnish the image of the club and the sport.

“Football is a game and is part of sport not violence,” he said.

Nyasa Big Bullets have been at the receiving end of huge fines for several times due to the misconduct of their fans.

In August this year, the club was found guilty of failing to take precautionary measures to control their supporter Lyton Thobo from bullying Cobbe Barracks’ players.

Thobo is said to have poured liquid substances on Cobbe players when they were walking to the dressing room at half time. Bullets was subsequently penalized by paying a fine of K500, 000.

Earlier in the year, the club also paid a fine of K800, 000 after some supporters assaulted a Kamuzu Barracks official at Chilomoni Stadium in Blantyre during a Carlsberg Cup Round-of-16 match.


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