23 September 2018
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Queens’s call up delights Kumwenda

Written by  Arkangel Tembo & Tione Andsen

Blantyre, November 5, 2017: Australian based netball star and sharp shooter, Mwai Kumwenda has been included the Malawi Queens’s provisional squad after being sidelined in the last call up.

Kumwenda was dropped from camp by Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) for reporting late in the previous call up as the team was preparing for Fast 5 tournament in Australia where they lost all games.

NAM’s decision was made without consultation with the head coach, Samuel Kanyenda who later opted to be out of the squad.

A press release issued Saturday in Blantyre signed by NAM, General Secretary Carol Bapu, there is an indication that Kumwenda has been recalled back in camp which is expected to start training on Sunday, November 12, 2017 for their England trip.

She stressed that the deadline for reporting for camp is Monday, November 13 2017 and that should any player fail to report to join camp during the stated period without any written document will be considered to be not part of the team.

NAM has called 18 players into camp training at Blantyre Youth Centre Netball Court in the commercial capital.

Some of the notable names in the squad include Blue Eagles centre Takondwa Lwazi, Joyce Mvula, Carol Ngwira, Laureen Ngwira and Joana Kachilika.

Missing on the list is Diamonds centre Bridget Kumwenda and Tigresses Beatrice Mpinganjira.

In her response to the call up, Kumwenda said she was delighted to be back in camp.

"I am so delighted and ready to represent my country,” she said.

NAM has not disclosed the names of the technical panel for squad.

The team that travelled to Australia was headed by Mary Waya after being promoted to head coach after then Head coach, Kanyenda had pulled out when he differ with NAM’s decision to expel Kumwenda from camp.

It will be seen if Kanyenda will be recalled into camp after the return of Kumwenda to the squad.

“As of now am not sure who will be leading the team at camp training. NAM has not appointed the technical panel for the squad,” Kanyenda responded in a WhatsApp massage. Saturday evening.
He said we just have to wait and see what would be NAM’s decision of the technical panel.
The Queens are now ranked sixth in the world following a poor showing at this year’s tournament

The following is the squad called for training.


1. Joanna Kachilika - Captain
2.  Caroline Ngwira
3.  Laureen Ngwira
4.  Martha Dambo
5.  Wezzie Mzemba
6.  Fanny Mwale
7.  Juliet Sambo


8.  Takondwa Lwazi
9.  Thandie Galeta
10. Shira Dimba
11. Pilirani Msukwa
12. Rose Mkanda


13.  Jane Chimaliro - Vice Captain
14.  Joyce Mvula
15.  Jessie Sanudi
16.  Alinafe Kamwala
17.  Mwayi Kumwenda
18.  Grace Chazungulira


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