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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 13:30

North Referees to boycott Games Played in Ekwendeni

Written by  Bernard Mhone

Mzuzu, September 13, 2017: Northern Region Referees Committee (NRRC) has vowed not to officiate any Simama League games scheduled to take place in Ekwendeni in Mzimba.

The committee’s decision to snub the games in Ekwendeni has been reached following ugly scenes the officiating personnel experienced during the game between Ekwendeni United and Fish Eagles.

The fracas resulted in severe assault of the officiating personnel.

The referees committee further says games involving Ekwendeni Hammers, a football team which is also based in Ekwendeni, will only be officiated if they are played at any other ground away from Ekwendeni.

“It is really true we have stopped officiating the match involving Ekwendeni United and any game whose venue will be Ekwendeni in Simama League, because not any referee at the moment is interested to go in Ekwendeni and officiate any match involving Ekwendeni United.

“Northern Region Football Association [NRFA] did a good job by rotating referees in the region to promote football,” NRRC Secretary, Clement Kanduku said.

“Already, in Ekwendeni there are two referees only, but Ekwendeni United provoked the violence against the coming referees, which is not recommended in sports,” he added.

During the game involving the two teams (Ekwendeni United and Fish Eagles) last weekend, referee James Chisunkha and his assistant McAdam Chima were severely beaten by Ekwendeni United players and fans after Fish Eagles scored what the former felt was an off-side goal.

Chisunkha was taken to Mzuzu Central Hospital where he was admitted. However, the victim is fine and out of hospital after being injured with bricks, according to NRRC Secretary.

Meanwhile, the NRRC General Secretary (Kanduku) has said the victim (Chisunkha) will write a report to Northern Region Football Association once he has fully recovered.

“After recovery it’s when he can submit a report but as of now NRFA has not acted and I requested them to visit him,” Kanduku said.


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