17 October 2019
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Tuesday, 09 January 2018 08:38

Thyolo to use heads of departments in revenue collection

Written by  Daniel Kasondo
Jumbe:  involving heads of sectors would help to check irregularities Jumbe: involving heads of sectors would help to check irregularities

Thyolo, January 9: Following underperformance in revenue collection last year, Thyolo District Council is contemplating to use its directors and heads of different sectors at the council to manage markets under its jurisdiction.

This was revealed during a management meeting on Monday when the council's internal auditor presented a report on how the council performed financially.

"The council has a wage bill of K6.2 million but is only able to collect on average K5 million, leaving a deficit of MK1.2 million," reads part of the report.

Responding to the presentation, District Commissioner for Thyolo, Justin Kathumba said there was need to enhance collection of revenue if the council was to meet its essential obligations.

He explained that the revenue collection was not a responsibility of the directorate of finance alone as the money generated helps every sector, like education and health, so there was need for every department to contribute skills and ideas to boost revenue at the council.

“I will assign a market to each head of sector, so that he looks closely on revenue collection of that market. I will be just looking forward to reports from them," said Kathumba.

Director of Health in Thyolo, Dr Anord Jumbe, in an interview said the idea of involving heads of sectors was good as it would help to check irregularities in the collection of revenue in markets.

"It can work. We will beef up as supervisors on the already existing staff. The market masters would be conscious on collections considering that they would be working with strangers," he said. 

Dr Jumbe, however, was quick to add that being assigned a market did not mean directors would stop conducting their normal duties.

 Thyolo has nine potential markets for revenue collection.