16 October 2018
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Chiradzulu Council lost K 600, 000 of local revenue in four months

Written by  Emily Kaliwo

Chiradzulu, January 11, 2017: Chiradzulu District Council says it has lost almost K600, 000 of its local revenue due to poor management from Council officials.

One of the revenue collectors at the Council, Magret Kanjuchi told Malawi News Agency (Mana) Thursday at the Boma that since September 2017, she has been failing to collect revenue from business people at a market near Chiradzulu District Hospital.

According to her, the matter was reported to the Council officials, but nothing was done.

“I reported the matter to the our higher office and all responsible persons were aware, but no action has been taken,” Kanjuchi explained adding that she stayed for one and half months without collecting revenues as there were conflicts between her and the vendors.

Shire Market which is close to Chiradzulu Hospital was burnt last year in September.

Following the accident it is alleged that no council official went there to inspect the damage and establish cause of the fire hence vendors are reluctant to pay market fees.

According to Kanjuchi said she only collect revenue from business persons who do not have benches.
She pointed out that before the market caught fire last year, she was collecting close to MK7, 000 per day and now she only collects MK2, 000 per day which when calculated comes to K600, 000.

Kanjuchi expressed that she feared for her life as the vendors warned her that unless the council officials visit the market, they would beat her if she continue collecting revenue at the market.

Chiradzulu Council Chairperson, Distone Mphero said it was unfair that Council officials were failing to fix the problem at the market.

“Visiting the affected persons, does not require money but a word can do. I am not blaming the vendors for not paying the market fee, as Council we need to fix their problems first,” he said.

The Chairperson promised to organize a team from the Council to visit the concerned vendors to sensitize them on the goodness of paying market fee and discuss the way forward.

The Council has shortage of staff, a development that makes other duties to suffer.


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