21 September 2018
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Balaka District Council striving to have street lights

Written by  Mary Makhiringa
Balaka striving for something like this as found in Luchenza - File Photo Balaka striving for something like this as found in Luchenza - File Photo

Balaka, October 9, 2017: In a bid to maximize security at Balaka Township, the district council has engaged different partners to help in installing street lights around Balaka Township.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana), Balaka District Council Chairman, Councillor, Titani Bwanali said it was his vision during his tenure to see Balaka wearing a new look at night with the street lights.

He explained that. “We have since talked to Sawa Group as well as Community Energy Malawi (CEM) to help us with solar street lights around the street of Balaka. CEM came and had surveyed all the possible areas. They are budgeting now and have since assured us that they will work hard to see this fulfilled.”

According to Bwanali, they intend to have the street lights from Kalulu Restaurant to Mepic, both inner and out roads; from the police to standard Bank; around the stadium and the main market; as well as from FDH bank going to southern bottlers via Zembani Lodge.

The Chairperson said Sawa Group would assist them on condition that the council contributes part of the money.

“They valued the whole project and they said it may cost K100 million. As council we ought to contribute 20 per cent of the said amount which is a nonstarter for us bearing in mind that the council is faced with serious monetary challenges,” he viewed.


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