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Monday, 15 July 2019 06:36

Veep preaches peaceful co-existence

Written by  Patrick Ndawala
We need to work together so that we serve our citizens well-Chimulirenji-file photo We need to work together so that we serve our citizens well-Chimulirenji-file photo

Machinga, July 15, 2019: Vice President, Everton Chimulirenji Sunday stressed the need for a peaceful co-existence between government and the church, saying both have a common goal of improving people’s lives in the country.

He made the remarks during a service of prayer organized by the Living Word Evangelistic Church (LWEC) at Shalom Mount Valley in Machinga.

Chimulirenji presided over the presentation of certificates to 204 members of the Church where he donated K1 million to it.

“The Church helps in providing spiritual guidance to people whilst government, on the other hand, looks after people’s physical needs. We need to work together so that we serve our citizens well,” he said.

The Vice President added that government appreciates the crucial role religious leaders’ play in not only uplifting people’s spiritual lives but also in providing social services.

“As government, we are doing everything possible to ensure that people are enjoying their freedom of worship and all other rights,” he noted.
Chimulirenji said government would continue creating a conducive environment for people of all political and religious backgrounds to co-exist in peace and harmony.

He asked religious leaders to pray for politicians, noting that it becomes so frustrating when people choose to overlook the development works that government has achieved in the country.

“Let us learn to say ‘thank you’ when one has done soothing good. In doing so, it becomes easy for government to listen to your advice,” Chimulirenji said, adding that he draws a lot of inspiration from Prophet David Mbewe, founder of LWEC who has grown the church within a short period.

He advised members of the Church especially those that received certificates to promote peace and unity in the course of serving others.

Chimulirenji appealed to other leaders from all spheres of life to emulate the good example set by Prophet Mbewe.

According to Public Relations Officer (PRO) for LWEC, Walter Nyamilandu, the Church has over 1,000 members across the country.

He said LWEC started in 1999 by Prophet Mbewe upon being converted from Islam to Christianity.

“We started with few people but in 2015 the church membership started to grow and we moved to Malosa in Zomba before it moved again to our current place,” Nyamilandu said.

The PRO said LWEC has Churches across the country and in South Africa.

He said the Church is supporting other vulnerable people in society to complete their education adding that, “As we are talking, we have supported people who graduated and they are now working.”