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Wednesday, 13 June 2018 08:51

WOLREC drills women aspirants on electoral conflict management

Written by  Synd Kalimbuka
Some of the aspirants showing sign to fight for their empowerment Some of the aspirants showing sign to fight for their empowerment Synd Kalimbuka

Zomba, June 13: Women Legal Resource Centre (WOLREC) on Monday drilled aspiring women from five political parties on how they can manage conflicts to promote democracy in the country.

The training took place at Annie’s Lodge in Zomba imparted knowledge to the female aspiring candidates for 2019 Tripartite Elections. WOLREC Project Coordinator for Women Empowerment for Leadership, Irene Tisungane Ntonga said it was crucial to orient women who would contest in next year elections on viable means of handling conflicts.

“Women should know how to avoid and handle violence at any stage of the elections process for their safety,” she said.

Ntonga said women aspirants should understand what they should expect to face on the ground and how to avoid circumstances that can place their lives in danger.

She added a lot of women quit their quest to join politics few months before elections due to challenges they face from conflicts and violence as they may not be aware on how to handle and overcome them.

“As one way of empowering them so that they proceed with their decisions, WOLREC through Women For All project decided to impart knowledge and skills on how to overcome such circumstances,” the Coordinatoer explained.

Ntonga advised participants to involve their parties and make use of Multiparty Liaison Committee in the district whenever issues arise.

District Gender Officer, Justice Banda commended WORLEC for imparting the women with knowledge. She said the initiative would assist in raising the number of aspiring women for the forth coming elections.

During the training, some of the participants complained that some chiefs in the district were demanding for money from the new aspirants to be given clearance to hold meetings in their areas.

They complained that constituency party official ask for sexual favours in order to be exposed to communities.

WOLREC through Women Empowerment Project with support from HIVOS is working with five political parties; Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Alliance for Democracy (AFORD), Malawi Congress Party (MCP), United Democratic Front (UDF) and Peoples Party (PP).