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Sunday, 10 June 2018 16:49

Ministry challenges DIOs to be communication experts

Written by  Rose Mahorya
Fegus Lipenga: DIOs are are good communication agents - File Photo Fegus Lipenga: DIOs are are good communication agents - File Photo

Mzuzu, June 10, 2018: Ministry of Information and Communications Technology has challenged District Information Officers (DIOs) in the country to be communication experts in their respective districts if they are to be significant.

The Ministry’s Director Gedion Munthali challenged the DIOs in Mzuzu on Friday during a briefing on a project that the information officers would implement with community radio stations.

He said the DIOs should not expect other professionals to respect their expertise if they do not work up to the expectation of the public.

“As a DIO, you are a communicator who facilitates public communication and you ought to do everything in your abilities to ensure that people that you work with see you as such,” the Director pointed out.

He added that DIOs should communicate government policies to the communities so that the masses are able to understand various programmes being implemented in the country.

The project, which will be funded by Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA), will see the Information Officers producing material for broadcasting on the community radio stations in their respective districts.

MACRA’s Director of Broadcasting Services, Fergus Lipenga said that the regulatory body is involving the DIOs in the project because they are good communication agents.

“DIOs are there for the promotion of socio-economic development of the country hence the need for them to be empowered so that they can be communicators at district level.

“The DIOs will be working hand in hand with community radio stations to help the stations become powerful tools of communication,” he said.

Lipenga pointed out that modalities would be put in place to ensure that there is no conflict between the DIOs and already existing community radio structures.

Similar briefings were held in the central and southern region.