15 August 2020
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Friday, 15 May 2020 07:50

Youth friendly health services ‘on death bed’ in Likoma

Written by  Leonard Masauli
Likoma Youth Club Members Likoma Youth Club Members

Likoma, May 15, 2020:Youth in Likoma have bemoaned lack of reproductive health friendly services at the Likoma District Hospital, a development that has prompted them to shy away from seeking such services.

Chairperson for Chimvu Youth Club, Yamikani Chindebvu said there was no special room where the youth could go to access services in as far as sexual and reproductive health services.

"Youth are shy to go to hospital to access condoms or maybe emergency contraceptives because there is no special room or arrangement where the youth can freely explain themselves for assistance," he said.

Chindebvu attributed the challenge to unavailability of District Youth Officer at the island, saying several youth activities are affected as there was no office to properly coordinate them.

He said this has promoted natural deaths of youth activities in the district, driving a number of youth astray in the process.

"We have no district youth officer in Likoma who can properly co-ordinate youth activities and as a result we just stay because we have where to lodge our complaints,” the Chairperson said.

He said youth in the district need to be kept busy with sporting activities to refrain them from promiscuous behaviours.

A youth member, Tumaini Njikho said a lot of youth are suffering in silence due to lack of information and proper guidelines at the hospital.

Youth friendly Health Services Coordinator at Likoma District Hospital, Godfrey Kandiero said previously there was a special room for such services but due to other pressing matters it was occupied.

He said youth friendly health services are available at the hospital and could be accessible by the youth at any time.

"The services are available. We do a special arrangement with the youth who are in need of such services since they also need privacy," Kandiero pointed out.

He said absence of a youth officer has indeed crippled the district’s youth activities