05 August 2020
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Chikondi Chimala

Chikondi Chimala

Mangochi, September 12: Mangochi District Council has received a USD50, 000 (an equivalent of K20 million) grant towards the Gender Equality and Women Empowerment project which is meant to support the construction of a resource centre in the area of Senior Chief Bwananyambi.

Meanwhile, United Nations Population Fund which draws its funding for the Gender Equality and Women Empowerment (GEWE) initiative has dispensed the first tranche of K7.1 million to kick – start the construction of the multi – purpose facility in the area.  

Acting Director of Planning and Development for Mangochi District Council, Ernest Kadzokoya told Malawi News Agency that the three – year intervention is a deliberate effort aimed at bringing to the fore socio – economic issues that affect women and girls in general.

Kadzokoya said the facility which was designed to be an all encompassing would serve as a community victim support unit, besides providing shelter to women who have been victimized to receive psychosocial services.

“It is expected that the facility will help in changing people’s mindset among men to consider women as partners in development ad not subjects of abuse. Culture will no longer be used as a scapegoat,” Kadzokoya said.

Kadzokoya, therefore, encouraged women to take advantage of the various initiatives being deployed in pursuit of empowering them, by among other things, voicing out social ills in their communities and reporting the same to relevant authorities.

“I would like to encourage the community to be part and parcel of the process since it is their duty to open up and stand up for their rights. The project would only be meaningful if people participated in its activities,” he added.      

District Community Development Officer for Mangochi, Anthony Zimba said GEWE attempts to address gender based violence through women empowerment because for a long time women have been marginalized.

“A number of factors have contributed to the marginalization of women in society which range from culture and other harmful traditional practices. Much attention will be focused at tackling GBV in very hard to reach areas,” Zimba pointed out.

Zimba disclosed that the project came about to strike a gender balance for equitable local development through increase in enrolment rates of girls in school and reduction of GBV with its attendant incidents of HIV and Aids.

“The multi – purpose shelter will help address maternal and child health issues since women will be meeting to discuss on how to advance their socio – economic lives. They will also discuss how to deal with GBV, HIV/Aids and how to eliminate harmful cultural practices,” Zimba added.

According to Zimba, a similar structure would also be erected in the area of Traditional Authority Chowe which is implementing activities of the same nature. Apart from Mangochi, 13 other districts are also undertaking the project among them, Machinga, Chiradzulu, Nsanje, Mchinji and Ntcheu.

GEWE is being executed under four pillars of health, education, agriculture, and transport with each pillar having specific objectives.      

In his reaction, Mangochi Police Station Community Policing Coordinator, Inspector Enock Tembo said the construction of the multi – purpose shelter was timely because it would act as a temporary home for gender based victims while waiting to be assisted.

“It will also be a centre where counseling and mediation will be done. In general, it will go a long way in fighting GBV through empowerment of women with various skills gained through interactions at the shelter,” Tembo said. “GBV is a violation of human rights and hampers productivity and economic growth.”

Friday, 12 September 2014 10:50

Police launch man hunt for suspected murderers


Ntcheu, September 12: Police in Ntcheu District have launched a man hunt for unknown criminals suspected to have hacked to death Group Village Head Khomera of Senior Chief Makwangwala in the district.

The deceased Group Village Head Khomera whose name was Clever Chapomba, aged 50 hailed from Khomera Village was found dead in the early hours of Monday in a garden by passersby.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency on Wednesday Ntcheu Police Deputy Publicist, Hastings Chigalu said the deceased is believed to have been hacked by unknown criminals as members found a hoe handle stained with blood by his side.

Chigalu said the deceased’s mobile phone and bicycle were also stolen by the unknown assailants.

“An autopsy conducted at Ntcheu District Hospital indicated that the deceased died of head injuries and excessive loss of blood,” said Chigalu.

In a related development, a 31 year old man in the district has died after committing suicide in the early hours of Monday.

Chigalu said the deceased Alakisi Charles of Senzani Village in the area of Traditional Authority Phambala in the district was found hanging dead in his bedroom.

According to Chigalu, Charles killed himself after his divorced wife refused to reconcile with him.

Meanwhile, the police have expressed concerned over the increase of both murder and suicide cases where in September four such cases have been reported , in a space of three days.

Dowa September 5: A-16 year old boy, Chikaiko Mikili of Vumo Village, Traditional Authority Dzoole, is in severe pain for five months now at Dowa District Hospital due to lack of Plaster Of Paris (POP).

Chikaiko, a standard 4 pupil at Chibweza primary School in the district, sustained a right leg fracture while playing with his friend and is appealing for help of MK 21 000 to buy 14 sets of plaster of Paris (POP) for his damaged leg.

Chikaiko has been to various health clinics since May 6, 2014, among them being Kayembe, Mponela, Ntchisi and now Dowa but has seen no improvement.

Mr. Saidi Black, a resident at Dowa Boma who has been in the same ward with Chikaiko but discharged with a clutch, wondered why the hospital is running without Plasters of Paris for several months.

Meanwhile, Mr. Black is asking for the boy’s assistance either in cash or kind saying the boy’s mother has literally nothing to support herself and her son.

But Dowa district health officer, Dr. Edwin Bakali said the hospital has nothing to assist the boy saying the Central Medical Stores which procures Plaster of Paris (POP) do not have them in stock.

“We are sympathising with our patients. We wonder why privately owned clinics have POP’s. Had it been that budget was with us like in the past, we would have bought the essential drugs and materials on our own,” said Bakali.

The DHO went on to say that the hospital has run out of stock of sutures used in the main operating theatres; this has affected service delivery at our hospital citing pregnant women and casualties as most affected areas.


Mangochi, August 22: Njereza Cement Products Company on Thursday donated fifty bags of Njati cement to Mangochi Police Station for the construction of female and children holding cells. The donation was valued at K280, 000.

Speaking when he received the donation, Mangochi Police Station Officer – In – Charge, Elijah Kachikuwo thanked Njereza cement products for coming to the rescue of the police station, saying population growth and an influx of crime has rendered the facility inappropriate.

Kachikuwo said the station would like to undertake on the construction of modern holding cells for women and children in conflict with the law to ensure the police is in keeping with international human rights standards.

“There’s an influx of women and children in conflict with the law, hence the need for a separate structure for such group of people in society since the old premises did not take such aspects into consideration,” the deputy commissioner of police said.
“The new cells once completed will separate children from adults to preserve their dignity and avoid a scenario where the children would exposed to become hardened criminals, besides women are also a special category requiring special attention,” added Kachikuwo.

He, therefore, commended Njereza cement products for demonstrating keen interest in security, noting that public – private – partnerships were essential in ensuring enhanced security at both community and national levels.

Kachikuwo disclosed that the initial designs of the facility were meant to have in – built toilets and bathrooms for the convenience of suspects.

General Manager for Njereza Cement Products, Grey Kamtukule said the company decided to make the donation as part of fulfilling its corporate social responsibility in the district it was operating in.

“We are making this donation against a background of a request that we received in April from the police on a project for the extension of cells for women and juveniles. We’ve done this cognizance of the responsibility we have to complement government in its development efforts,” said Kamtukule.

Kamtukule assured that the company would continue with its support to development initiatives in a bid to assist government its drive of improving people’s living standards in the country.  

Chairperson of the project, James Siliya who is also Paralegal Advisory Services Institute officer in Mangochi said the initiative to have an extension of the facility was meant to bring comfort to people being kept in the cells.

“Our view is to give a decent life to people in the cells considering that a person is still deemed innocent until proven guilty before a competent court of law,” Siliya said.  According to Siliya, the whole construction project would require K2 million to its successful completion.

The cells were meant to hold eight people at the time of construction but now holds up to 20 or more, thereby becoming old and small.


Dowa August 22: The District forestry office in Dowa has commended the strong working relationships with the Police and Court in ensuring that perpetrators of illegal charcoal burning and wanton cutting down of trees in Dowa and Kongwe hills are brought to book.

The District Forestry Technical Assistant, Bakaya Yohane Mtsitsi said this at a Court Users Committee meeting held at the Boma on Thursday.

Mtsitsi said the prosecution by the court of some people for the mal-practice has significantly reduced perpetrators in the district mainly at the Dowa and Kongwe reserves.

“Recently two people were convicted and charged, this sent strong warning to the would –be offenders in charcoal burning,” said Mtsitsi.

However, Mtsitsi expressed concern over government’s low funding to the forestry department despite offering more revenue to it.

The forestry official said he is optimistic that government will give back the revenue to the district forest office to sustain the environment of Dowa and Kongwe reserves.

A snap survey conducted in Dowa has shown that more of illegal charcoal burning is happening with the flow of huge supplies to the main urban centres of Lilongwe.

The meeting was organized with funds from the Centre for Legal Assistance (CELA), a human rights body dealing in legal affairs.


Ntcheu, July 18: The World Vision of Malawi has intensified efforts to promote sanitation and hygiene through behavioural change by awarding certificates and prizes to villages that are declared Open Defecation Free (ODF).

Speaking at the ceremony at T/A Phambala in Ntcheu, World Vision Cluster Manager for Ntcheu and Balaka, Asaph Muula said the issue of open defecation is a huge problem in Malawi, with limited numbers of households across the country having access to toilets.

“Behaviour is the number one issue, it’s not just getting people to build latrines-we need to change the mindset of communities,” said Muula.

Muula urged the villagers to make the project sustainable by contributing towards maintenance of the facilities that have been constructed such as boreholes and public toilets.

International health experts say the safe disposal of excreta and hygienic behaviour plays a key role in mitigating the risk of diarrhoea and other diseases, including cholera, dysentery, hepatitis, typhoid as well as intestinal parasites like giardia and worms.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Officer for Ntcheu Hospital, Madalitso Mmanga said efforts to stop open defecation are more effective when there is consensus and active participation among community members.

“Since the onset of the ODF project there has been a considerable decline in reported cases of water borne diseases such as diarrhoea, cholera and dysentery which is evidence that villagers are now adopting good sanitation habits,” added Mmanga.

The programme is being implemented in Karonga, Ntcheu and Balaka districts with plans to spread out to non-impact areas as well.

According to the World Health Organization, 1.2 billion people - 15 percent of the world’s population - practice open defecation. The majority of those without sanitation - 71 percent - live in rural areas and 90 percent of all open defecation takes place in rural areas.

By Josephine Chinele

Blantyre, August 22: Southern region health journalists on Wednesday formed a grouping called journalists for health.

The grouping was born immediately after a two-day training on health reporting held in Blantyre.

Malawi Broadcasting Corporation’s, Ronald Amos was elected Chairperson, Queen Nhlema of Capital Radio as Vice, Josephine Chinele of Mana as Secretary, Innocent Mphongolo of MIJ fm Vice, Chipiliro Wahara of CFC radio as Treasurer deputized by Jani Kasunda of Matindi FM, Chikondi Moyo of CFC was elected Forum Moderator with Watipaso Mzungu Jnr of Nation Publications Limited and Racheal Joshua of FM 101 as committee members.

In his acceptance speech, Amos urged all journalists in the grouping to work as a team to ensure that the public gets essential health information.

“Thanks for entrusting me with this responsibility, but I believe we will be working together to make the group vibrant. We have a big task ahead of us. Let’s write to save lives,” he said.

Project Manager for Galaxy Media Consultants, Benson Nkhoma-Somba also advised the elected committee to work as a team to expose the many hidden health issues.

“I’m not saying no to politics and economics stories, but there is also a bigger story from health as well. It depends on the committee to make this group vibrant as there are many opportunities for health reporters out there,” he said.

Support for Service Delivery Integration (SSDI) survey conducted in 2012 established that 60 per cent of Malawians rely on the media for health information.

 By Solister Mogha

Lilongwe, August 21: The Malawi Network of People Living with HIV(MANET +) will from 28 to  29 August 2013 hold a national conference aimed at examining HIV national and local responses.

The conference will also reflect on future contributions towards the national response by People Living with HIV and key stakeholders.

Safari Mbewe, MANET+ Executive Director said the conference which is an annual event  will bring together representatives of national organisations of people living with HIV, development partners and government officials.

“the aim of the conference this year is to among other things mobilize  support for people living with HIV and those affected by the epidemic while also encourage government and nongovernmental organisations including the faith based organisations and  private sector take part in responding to the spread of the epidemic,” he explained.

He added, “During the conference concerned parties shall showcase some of the best experiences and promising practices related to implementation of HIV programmes in the country.”

 Mbewe hoped that the conference will find solutions to some of the challenges the organization and other institutions involved in the fight against HIV and AIDs are facing.

The conference organised under the theme “Quality Treatment now time for action “will be held at Riverside Hotel in Lilongwe.

Despite making some progress in the HIV sector, Mbewe bemoaned stigma and discrimination as the major challenge the country is facing.

 This, he said  has negatively affected in addressing problems that are related to HIV and AIDs as many Malawians fail to disclose their status for fear of being discriminated against.

By Enock Chingoni

Machinga, August 22: An eight-year-old girl, Julita Tapani died upon arrival at Machinga District Hospital yesterday after being knocked by a speeding Toyota Hilux belonging to Paramount Holdings Limited Company as it was passing through Milala Trading Centre in Machinga.

The accident happened a week after a 49 year-old man also died after being knocked off by a bus belonging to the National Bus Company.

Police in Machinga confirmed the death of the eight-year-old girl who was cycling along the Zomba-Liwonde Road around 8:00 o’clock in the morning.

Machinga Police Public Relations Officer, Sergeant, Martin Tione said the girl was cycling crossing the road from the right side of the road to the left when the vehicle, registration number NU 5376 driven by Henry Maseko, 54, hit her.

The girl sustained serious injuries on her pelvis and left leg, according to the police publicist.

Julita came from Chimwai Village, Traditional Authority Nkula in Machinga.

Tione said the police would introduce traffic patrols in the accident prone spots to control the road accidents.

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“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”  

- Martin Luther King Jnr.

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