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Friday, 28 July 2017 15:25

Nyachikadza area is accessible, Nsanje DC declares

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Nsanje, July 28, 2017: Nsanje District Commissioner has strongly condemned the practice of denying people from the flood prone area of Traditional Authority Nyachikadza in the district access to essential services such as health. 

Malawi News Agency can reliably reveal that communities in Nyachikadza have had no access to praziquantel drugs which prevent and treat Bilharzia on reasons that the area was allegedly declared a no-go-zone.

However, District Commissioner Gift Rapozo trashed the claims by making his stand clearly that Nyachikadza communities have a right to access all essential services within their locality just like all other Malawians.

“In fact, the area was not declared a disaster area. Initially it was just a proposal. We have areas like in the east bank which are also prone to disaster but still more people travel to work. What is wrong with Nyachikadza area?” queried Rapozo.

According to Rapozo, Nyachikadza communities have enough reasons to cling to their ancestral land as it is so fertile which is good for their food and income security.

He said the best way to handle such issues is to devise measures aimed at minimizing the extent of damage disasters cause when they strike other than forcing them to relocate.

Recently, Nyachikadza communities have been denied access to some of the health services as some medical officers confided that as per the rules of their work, they have to guard against the safety of their lives first before saving other people’s lives.

They revealed that it has been difficult and it will continue to be for medical practitioners to accept to travel to Nyachikadza as they will be no compensation in cases of mishaps.

However, in times of elections, Nyachikadza communities have been voting in their respective areas despite the claim that the area is a no-go zone.