05 August 2020
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Thursday, 22 August 2019 11:21

District structures established to fight HIV among youth

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Dowa, August 22, 2019: National Association of Young People Living with HIV (y+) has established district structures and encourage young people living with HIV to come out in the open.

Speaking during a leadership meeting on Tuesday, Executive Chairperson, Violet Lindiwe Banda said that there aim is to is introduce its structures national wide and Dowa will be among the beneficiary districts.

She said the project is mostly focusing on the young people living with HIV in the district who are shy to come out and those that have stopped taking their treatment.

 “We are emphasizing on having strong youths and see those young people coming out despite being HIV positive and help others on the issues of adherence and how they should live a positive health life,” Executive Chairperson added.

She said that they have targets that are supposed to be achieved so the need to involve the young people to achieve these targets.

“We had 90:90 targets and now we have 95:95 which the UN AIDS settled cannot be achieved without involving the youths because they are also many of them living with HIV,” Banda said.

The Chairperson of the newly elected Y+ committee in Dowa, Charles Dyera said he is very pleased with the organization and is ready to work with his fellow members on the issue of HIV in the district.

“Dowa district has been waiting patiently for this day and we are very happy to have this here and we will reach out to other young people who are living with HIV,” he said.

The project is for three years and Global Fund through Action Aid pumped over K 50 million in it and it is a national wide exercise and Dowa as a district will benefit.


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