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Tuesday, 06 February 2018 05:48

Charms fail Kasungu man as he stabs himself in bid to showcase magic

Written by  Sheila Kathewera

Kasungu, February 05, 2018: Police in Kasungu are investigating a 32 year old Chilanga Estate based man who is also an employee of Alliance One Tobacco Limited, Kondwani Kasewe of Kafwafwa Village, Traditional Authority (TA) Kalumo in Ntchisi who allegedly stabbed himself in an attempt to showcase his magic that no knife can enter into his body. 

According to Kasungu police deputy public relations officer, Harry Namwaza the casualty was telling his workmates that his body is well protected with charms.

“The casualty was with some of his workmates when he started telling them that no knife can enter into his body because he comes from Ntchisi and his body is well protected with charms. He then took out a knife which he spat on several times before plunging it into his ribs but the knife didn’t find its way into his flesh but rather got bent.

“Upon seeing what had happened, one of his workmates, Aubrey Banda suggested that Kasewe should try his new knife which he had just bought at the market so that they should prove if his magic really works,” said Namwaza.

According to the police publicist, Kasewe in an attempt to prove his claim stabbed himself with the friend’s knife but the alleged magic didn’t perform as the knife went straight into his flesh and wounded him severely. However, it was reported that Banda the owner of the new knife stabbed him which led to his arrest.

Meanwhile, Kasewe is admitted to Kasungu District Hospital where he is receiving treatment and Aubrey Banda of Mphekesa Village, Traditional Authority Chilowamatambe in Kasungu is on police bail, as police enquiries are still underway.


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