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Wednesday, 11 March 2015 16:08

Kalondolondo to track water service delivery in Chikwawa

Written by  Steve Chirombo

Chikwawa, March 11: The Kalondolondo Program under the CCAP Synod of Blantyre is expected to assess the provision and delivery of water services in Chikwawa, an exercise which many stakeholders feel would pile pressure on the Southern Region Water Board (SRWB).

The statutory cooperation is already under fire for its intermittent supply of water in the district, and the approval of the assessment on Monday by the Chikwawa District Executive Committee-DEC may add pressure.

The programme is expected to assess the delivery and provision of water through Community Water (Kiosks), household and institutional piped water. It will also select communities around water points to be assessed in liaison with the district’s relevant stakeholders.

The consortium of the Kalondolondo programme comprising CONGOMA, Action Aid International-Malawi and Plan Malawi through the Kalondolondo Programme Implementation Unit has funded Blantyre Synod to carry out the exercise to a tune of K3.7 million.

According to Gregory Mtemanyama, Programme Coordinator at Blantyre Synod's Health and Development Commission, the assessment programme, to run for three months, will select households and institutions to assess their perception and satisfaction in the way water services are provided.

“We shall also consolidate information to guide planning and engagement with other relevant authorities and that the assessment will target at least 15 water facilities and 10 targeted Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) comprising institutions and households,” he said.

Mtemanyama said data will be collected through FGDs, among others and that participants from each FGD will score the given indicators to produce a scorecard that will reflect the performance of a particular service.

“Previously, indicators have varied in many categories like scale of measurement and its interpretation from the clients or customers as well as the planned indicators with areas for assessment. This has also included the things like how customers collaborate with other groups such as the Water Users Association (WUA), the water committees in such areas, as well as the level of leadership on the same,” he added.

Mtemanyama then hoped that the project will improve service delivery.

This will be the 5th assessment for Blantyre Synod in Chikwawa. It has already conducted assessments on programmes such as the Farm Input Subsidy Program (FISP), Local Development Fund (LDF) and the Public Works Programmes (PWP).

In a related development, the Sustainable Rural Growth and Development Initiative has introduced a three year Youth Economic and Social Action project to benefit over 600 marginalized young people in Chikwawa.

According to the project’s coordinator, Steve Namwera, the K81 Million project will target young people of ages between 16 and 30.

They group will be encouraged to form Village Savings and Loan Groups (VSLGs) and link them with Solar Money so that communities are encouraged to use solar products as a source of energy.

And Chikwawa District Council Official, Noel Dakamau urged Non Governmental Organizations-NGOs to continue bringing in sustainable projects that improve people's lives.



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