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Tuesday, 24 March 2020 07:51

Met service calls for concerted efforts in climate change fight

Written by  Arkangel Tembo

Blantyre, March 24, Mana: Department for Climate Change and Meteorological Services has called for concerted efforts among stakeholders in combating effects of climate change in the country.

Director of Climate Change and Meteorological Services, Jolamu Nkhokwe, made the remarks on Monday when Malawi joined the rest of the of World in commemorating the 70th World Meteorological day under the theme ‘Climate and Water.’

Nkhokwe said currently natural occurring climate variability and human induced climate change are transforming the landscape of many countries including Malawi thereby causing uncertainties such as floods and droughts.

“As a country, Malawi has inherited the current global weather and climate problems of the world which has negatively impacted on lives and agriculture, and will have even more challenging climate change issues to deal with in future,” he said.

Droughts are the world’s costliest natural disasters accounting for $6 to $8 billion annually and impacting more people than any other form of natural disasters.

Nkhokwe, therefore, said it is important that he develops an understanding of the current issues to guide many on improved disaster risk management.

He called upon various stakeholders to join hands and mitigate climate change effects in a more coordinated and sustainable  manner for the betterment of the nation.

“Currently Malawi is making strides in mitigating the impacts of climate change. However, more needs to be done  at local and national level to improve and raise awareness on climate and climate change in addition to providing efficient climate services to Malawi,” he said.

Nkhokwe, therefore, advised Malawians to continue taking weather related updates seriously to guide their day to day activities.

Every year, Malawi commemorates World Meteorological Day on 23rd March to showcase the essential contribution of National Meteorological services to the safety and wellbeing of society.