09 August 2020
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Tuesday, 04 February 2020 08:01

Bwaila Lions plant over 4,000 trees in three years

Written by  Ireen Kayira

Lilongwe, February 2, 2020: Bwaila Lions Club has said it has planted over 4,000 trees in three years to make sure that the vegetation is restored in places where it was destroyed.
President of Bwaila Lions Club, Innocent Jumbe  said this during the tree planting exercise which was held at Kabuthu Primary School in Kaphata Village in Lilongwe on Saturday.

He said they have not monitored to find out how many trees have survived of the planted trees.

“By the end of this planting season we have planned to go back to all places where we have planted trees in these three years to find out how many have survived.

“This will be done to make sure that the communities are doing the work of taking care of the trees which we entrusted them with,” Jumbe said.

He said for Kaphata village they have made an agreement with the Kabuthu Primary School to take care of the trees and the Club would go back after two terms to monitor the growth.

“We have agreed on the survival percentage and if we come back and find out that they have honoured the agreement we will compensate the learners with learning materials like notebooks, pens and pencils among others,” Jumbe said.

The President said the area was chosen because more trees have been destroyed due to the activities related to tobacco farming as such they have planted 800 trees around Kabuthu primary.

Head Teacher for Kabuthu Primary School, Fackson Chipalasa said the school wass committed to taking care of the trees so that they survive.

“We are going to give each a tree to a particular leaner in which he or she will be responsible to and when the rainy season is gone we will instruct them to carry water from their homes to water trees,” he said, adding, “Apart from this we will make by laws with local chiefs that will help to care for the trees.”

According to Department of Forestry the 2018/2019 tree planting season survival rate was at 65 per cent nationally


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