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Friday, 16 August 2019 22:12

Community asks council to upgrade under-five clinic

Written by  Easter Khunga
A mother and her child child gets medication at clinic - File Photo A mother and her child child gets medication at clinic - File Photo

Mzuzu, August 16, 2019: Group Village Head Mackson Nhlane of Traditional Authority Mzikubola in Mzimba has asked M’mbelwa District Council to upgrade Kasambamkholi Under-Five Clinic to a health centre, saying people in the area find it difficult to access medication.

The call was made Thursday during an interface meeting between Kasambankholi Rights Holders and M’mbelwa District officials which was organized by Small Producers Development and Transporters Association (SPRODETA).

Group Village Headman Mackson Nhlane said the community covers almost 10 km to Hoho health centre for treatment.

“We want the council to consider us with at least a health centre or they should upgrade the under-five clinic so that we should also have access to the services offered,” he said.
He also said the community faced difficulties to access safe and potable water.

“We have been drinking unsafe water from wells where cows also drink from. Clean water is a challenge here, a development which also makes us prone to diseases,” he said.

Emily Kumilonde, a Doctor at Mzimba District Hospital said the plea of the people was applicable because their lives were at risk.

“Many people can indeed lose their lives if health centres are far away from where they live, therefore, we at the health department are going to look into this issue with caution, “said Kumilonde.

District Water Programs Officer for Mzimba, Kings Mndhluli said the water problem was also valid and that his office would consider the area when any project comes around.

“We should say their complaint has been taken note of and we will see to it that it is addressed,” said Mndhluli.

SPRODETA project officer, Albert Mtonga, thanked the local council officials for coming to listen to the people’s problems.

“Our duty is to bring these people together for them to discuss various developmental activities,” said Mtonga.

SPRODETA is implementing “Right to Food and Sustainable Development through Active Citizenship” project in the area with funding from Dan Church Aid.



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