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Wednesday, 24 July 2019 13:40

UNFPA representative inspires communities on girl child education

Written by  Steve Chirombo
Hong (right) making her motivational speech at Konzere...Pic by Steve Chirombo, MANA Hong (right) making her motivational speech at Konzere...Pic by Steve Chirombo, MANA

Chikwawa, July 24, 2019: A representative of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) on Tuesday shared tips with communities in Chikwawa on the benefits of educating the girl child.


Young Hong told learners at Konzere Primary School under Konzere Education Zone when Malawi Girl Guides Association (MAGGA) donated bicycles to learners as one way of easing mobility problems to and from school.


Hong, a Korean National said just like most of the girls, she comes from an ordinary family but managed to overcome all odds to make it in life.


"Because I was determined and focused to make it in life, I am here today standing in front of you. If I got pregnant at a tender age, I wouldn't have been here by now.


"Through my work with UNFPA, I am able to support my parents back in Korea every month," said Hong. 


She further called on the communities to educate both girls and boys who will in turn give back to the communities after they attain education and find a job.


"They will find a better job to look after you when you are grown up," she said.


She, however, said the bicycles donated will only help a few girls as not everyone would benefit.


"Let's help girls to attain education. They shouldn't get pregnant before they complete school. If they don't get pregnant they will be able to get education and assist us all," she said.


On her part, MAGGA President, Susan Phukaphuka hailed UNFPA for lobbying for support of bicycles from the United States of America.


Phukaphuka called on the girls to remain in school and be focused to achieve greater things in life.


"When educated men will flock after you, it is our plea that parents, guardians and traditional leaders will protect you," she said.


On bicycles donation, the MAGGA President asked parents to ensure that beneficiary girls use them as intended.


Chikwawa District Council Chairperson, Clement Kamoto hailed the partnership that exists between UNFPA and MAGGA.


He said the council appreciated the efforts made by the two organizations in ensuring that education for the girl child is enhanced.


"We appreciate for identifying the learners in the district to benefit from the exercise. It is our sincere hope that this extend to other zones.


"Let me ask traditional leaders to seriously implement the bylaws we have as a district. Impose any fine to whoever goes against them and show no mercy for the law breakers. As a council, we will support you," added Kamoto.


UNFPA through MAGGA donated 500 bicycles to learners from Konzere and Dolo Zones in Chikwawa to ease mobility for girl learners to and from school.



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