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National Oil Company adopts least developed school in Mzuzu

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Dulla (l) shaking hands with a chief from the area during handing over of school materials - Pic by Blessings Kaunda Dulla (l) shaking hands with a chief from the area during handing over of school materials - Pic by Blessings Kaunda

Mzuzu, July 3, 2019: National Oil Company of Malawi Limited (NOCMA) has pledged to help upgrade Mageza Junior Primary School of Mchengautuba in Mzuzu into a modern primary school.

The school, situated about two kilometers from NOCMA’s oil reverse depot in Mchengautuba West, is the least developed of the 41 primary schools in Mzuzu City Education Division, with no permanent structure for learners.

Making the pledge at Mageza Junior Primary School on Tuesday when the company donated 60 iron sheets and 30 bags of cement worth K1 million for classroom block construction, NOCMA Chief Executive Officer, Gift Dulla said his company was ready to support the school on condition that the community also takes a role.

“It is good to see members of this community mobilising themselves to mould bricks for the school block.

“As long as you continue playing your part as Mageza community, I can assure you that NOCMA will willingly help you in fulfilling your dream of developing the school.

“The reason why we say the community should play a role is because it will embrace ownership of the development because they too contributed to its existence,” he said.

Dulla then urged the community to refrain from practices and activities that may threaten security of fuel reserves in the area.

“While we exercise our corporate responsibility, let me take this as an opportunity to ask you as a community around the fuel reserves to be conscious in your daily activities.

“This is so because a slight disturbance on the oil reserves may cause an accident that may lead to loss of life,” he advised.

Acting District Education Manager for Mzuzu City, Harris Mzumara, concurred with Dulla saying community participation was key to long-lasting development.

He said it would be ungratefulness on the part of the community members if they misused building materials provided to them by NOCMA.

“After this donation, we do not expect these materials to be misappropriated. As a community, they know how they suffered for the past three years to acquire help.

“Now that NOCMA has come to aid them with iron sheets and bags of cement, it will be foolish on their part to misuse the materials,” he said.

Mageza Junior Primary School was established in 2015 upon request from community members after being concerned with high school dropout due to long distance to the nearest primary school.

The school, which has four classes of standard one up to four, has 231 learners and six teachers. It has three classroom blocks made of planks with no permanent building.

NOCMA, upon receiving a written request from the Mageza School Committee and Parents and Teachers’ Association, donated 60 iron sheets and 30 bags of cement for completion of a classroom block that the community is constructing.


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