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Monday, 25 February 2019 06:09

Keeping girls in school reduces HIV incidences

Written by  Synd Kalimbuka

Zomba, February 25, 2019: The Ministry of Education Science and Technology has reiterated that it will continue to provide quality education through provision of teaching and learning resources in primary and secondary schools.

Principal Secretary for Education Science and Technology, Justin Saidi said provision of teaching and learning materials in both primary and secondary schools promotes retention of students, especially girls in school thereby reducing HIV cases.

Saidi said this on Friday during a handover ceremony of Matanda Community Day Secondary School (CDSS from Save the Children to Ministry of Education in Machinga.

“With support from government and our partners, the ministry is trying to fill in gaps existing in the education sector to ensure service delivery is of high standards here in Malawi,” said Saidi.

He mentioned of construction of 29 girls’ hostels in secondary schools across the country and new structures in universities and technical colleges.

On the newly handed over Matanda CDSS, Saidi expressed gratitude to United States Agency for International Development (USAID) for constructing the school in the area.

Saidi said the school has and will reduce distances students travel to access secondary education in the area of Senior Chief Chamba in the district.

USAID Mission Director, Littleton Tazewell concurred with Saidi saying keeping girls in school reduces risks of HIV amongst girls in Malawi.

Tazewell therefore said to ensure girls remain in school, there is a need to provide schools close to their homes.

“Long distances promote drop out of learners especially girls who then are involved in immoral behavior such as sexual activities hence contracting HIV,” he said,

Matanda is a 5th CDSS which Save the Children has constructed in Machinga district through Apatseni Mwayi Atsikana Aphunzire (AMAA) project with funding from USAID.

Tazewell said through the AMAA project, 20 form 1 learners from five schools will be awarded bursaries.


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