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Friday, 14 December 2018 06:34

90 graduates at There Is Hope (TIH) in Dowa

Written by  Dyna Banda
Some of the graduates Some of the graduates pic by Dyna Banda

Dowa, December 14, 2018: Senior Training Programme Specialist Informal Sector of Technical, Entrepreneurial and Vocational Education and Training (TEVET), Jordan Banda has thanked There is Hope (TIH) for taking part in providing technical and vocational training to youth which is a means of developing the country.

He said this during the graduation ceremony of 90 students who were doing bricklaying, carpentry, plumbing and tailoring courses at TIH Skills Development Training Centre in Dowa

“Our government recognizes vocational work as a tool for development which means that what they have learnt is important and will be recognized as being important if carefully and skillfully put to use.  Quality of work will help you stand out and attract customers,” Banda said.

According to TIH Director of Programmes, Catherine Chirwa, the school received a donation of K332 million to implement a project titled Capacity Building of Vulnerable Adults in Dowa District through Vocational Training.

“We would like to train 360 young adults in the district through this project and January to June, 2018 intake cohort that has graduated today is the first to benefit from this. The funding has also helped us to expand and offer our courses to all Traditional Authorities (TAs) in Dowa district,” she said.

Chirwa said that they are building girls’ hostels from the funding that they got from European Union (EU) and that there has already been a tremendous increase in the number of girls joining the school.

Speaking on behalf of the graduates, Marko Jamison thanked TIH for the effort and for freely training them, emphasizing that many people are striving and paying a lot of money to get such education.

He asked his fellow graduates to put to use the skills they have gained.

The Graduates were thankful because they were given various tools such as Irons, hammers, jackplanes, shifting spanners as starter pack.

They asked for assistance by giving them more tools on loan so that they repay the Institution as time goes by.

The graduation was dominated by males as only less than 15 were females and most of them were tailoring graduates.

“Girls were complaining about insecurity because of the distances they had to travel to access the training. However, with the hostels that we have built, a lot of girls have swarmed in. We have also conducted a sensitization campaign and as of now, we have 56 girls in our July- December intake which is a great improvement” Chirwa explained.

There Is Hope is a nonprofit Non-governmental Organization which since 2015 has been offering the courses to refugees living in Dzaleka refugee Camp and to Malawians in Dowa particularly from TA’s Msakambewa and Mkukula.




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