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Tuesday, 11 December 2018 06:45

Action Aid trains 100 caregivers to stimulate children for primary education

Written by  Robert Nayeja
Action Aid trains 100 caregivers to stimulate children for primary education Pic sourced from internet

MACHINGA, December 11,2018: Action Aid’s Early Childhood Development Programs Manager Jaynet Kuyeli has reiterated the significance of enhancing capacity for child care givers as they play a crucial role in stimulating  children for primary education.

She was speaking in Liwonde on Friday at the end of a 13-day training for 100 child care givers who were drawn from 15 Community Based Child Care Centers from three Traditional Authorities of Nkhula, Chikweo and Nyambi in Machinga District where Action Aid is working.

“The care givers help the development of the child socially, emotionally and cognitively as well as spiritually. It is important to equip them with knowledge on how they can enhance their capacity in taking care of the children in their centers,” she said.

Kuyeli disclosed that early childhood development program has reached over 75 thousand children in all ten districts Action Aid is working including Machinga adding that they expect to reach to 150 thousand children by 2021.

Among other things, the program which is funded by Roger Federer Foundation has constructed 12 model Community Based Child Care Centers (CBCCs), has supported 19 satellites and is expected to support 35 more ECD satellites in Machinga District.

“The whole idea in this comprehensive early childhood is to make sure that we are complimenting government efforts so that all children in Machinga have access to early childhood development education for smooth transition to primary school,” she added.

However, Kuyeli observed that there is need to encourage more men to take part in Community Based Child Care.

“The issue of raising a child is for both parents. Therefore more men should also be part of these child care givers. Machinga is not doing well in terms of men taking part as child care givers,” explained the director.

Machinga District Social Welfare Officer, Bertha Mijoya hailed Action Aid for their role in complementing government effort to promote early childhood development in the district.

“Let me thank Action Aid for being in the forefront of making sure that the life of a child, especially in hard to reach areas, who is yet to enroll at primary, is being covered in their comprehensive ECD program. Their networking has been good which has made the project a success. I believe by the end of the program, the rate of primary enrollment in Machinga will increase,” she said.

She added, “As government, we are so grateful to Roger Federer for his contribution towards early child hood development in the district.

“Currently as a district, we are engaging extension workers through local structures to encourage more men to take part as child care giver in the district”.

The Comprehensive early childhood development program which is being implemented in the area of Traditional Authorities Ngokwe, Chikweo, Nyambi, Kawinga, Nsanama, Sitola and Nkula started in Machinga in 2011 and is expected to end in 2021.




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