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Thursday, 13 April 2017 14:01

Malawi on track in empowering women

Written by  Andrew Ndhlovu

Lilongwe, April 13, 2017: Government said the process of empowering women in the work place and economically in the country is on course.

Speaking at a press briefing on the 61th Commission on Status of Women (CSW), Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare, Jean Kalilani said Malawi is on track to make sure that women in the country are empowered.

“We are making progress on making sure that women are empowered in the work place and even making them economically empowered.” Kalilani said.

She further said that the country is doing well in work place to make sure that women are holding big positions. With different reports the country is on number three in Africa in recruiting women.

“This is encouraging to see that we are doing well, we need just to improve in other areas so that we can be where we want us to be,” Kalilani pointed out.

The Minister said in other countries women get less pay than men in the same job  but in  Malawi this has never been case as no woman has complained on been paid low on the same position as men.

Kalilani added that it’s high time now that we should promote women in the country so that they can fully be economically independent.

“Let us showcase what our women are doing here to other countries, be it baskets, clothing which they are making, am sure we can find markets for those product outside the country and women can make money,” Kalilani said.

She said CSW is a functional body of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) whose mandate is to promote gender equality, development and peace and that the country was happy to be part of the grouping.

In her remarks UN women country representative, Clara Anyangwe conquered with Kalilani saying the country is indeed making a great progress in terms of empowering women though they are some challenges which need to be tackled.

“The country has some laws which need to be implemented and once those progressive laws are been put in place the country is able to achieve more in empowering women,” Anyangwe said.


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