15 August 2020
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Friday, 19 June 2020 13:15

Malawi catching up on ICT

Written by  Solister Mogha

Zomba, June 19, Mana: Minister of Information, Civic Education, Communications and Technology, Mark Botomani has said Malawi was making tremendous progress in developing and Implementing Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Speaking after a ground breaking ceremony for construction of Matiya Tele-centre in Zomba Chisi Constituency in Zomba, he said though there were some gaps in the ICT sector, the country was progressing at a very fast pace thus catching up with other countries.

“The world is going digital and as a country, we are not lagging behind in terms of internet connectivity and developing the whole ICT sector. To ensure that we are connected to the world, Government is implementing a number of projects among which includes the fiber-backbone internet connectivity,” Botomani pointed out.

The Minister said unlike in the past, many Malawians are able to browse on the internet and have easy access to technology products which was a good sign of the massive investment and advancement in the ICT sector.

He has since described the rural tele-centres as another milestone in ensuring that Malawians are connected and live in a global village.

“The tele-centre to be constructed adds up to the total of 180 tele-centres that government has constructed so far.  The beauty of these tele-centres is that they give rural people an opportunity to search for the information they want and also be updated on what is happening around the world.

“Not only that, the tele-centres accord students an opportunity to advance with their education by search of educational materials on the internet,” Botomani said.

He said the Matiya tele-centre was a dream come true and a key to the success of the area.

Botomani added that, “We expect the youth to advance their technical skills with this tele-center and schools will, after the centre is completed, be able to type and print their work including exams which is so difficult at the moment.”

Malawi Communications and Regulatory Authority (MACRA) Board Chairperson, Rev Felix Maulana said the regulatory body puts much emphasis on improving internet connectivity as well as bringing new technologies into the country.

He said Macra, as per its mandate, would always hunt for resources and bring the world closer to people through internet connectivity and other means such as tele-centers.

“Countries all over the world are developing through ICT and Malawi could also develop through this sector but all we need is to improve it. As Macra, we have the capacity and we will try our best to ensure we develop and grow the ICT sector,” said Rev Maulana.

Speaking of the Matiya tele-center, Rev Maulana said the whole Zomba Chisi community stand to benefit from the center.

“We will construct and put all the necessary equipment/gadgets such as computers, printers, furniture and provide the internet,” he said.

According to Macra, a total of K 100 million would be used in constructing the tele-centre.

Group Headman Chaweza hailed government for bringing the Tele-centre to Zomba Chisi which he said would be the first time in history.

He said people from his area stand to benefit a lot from the centre since they would be connected to the entire globe.