11 August 2020
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Monday, 04 May 2020 07:31

Action Aid to make sure that children in CBCCs continue to learn

Written by  Ireen Kayira

Lilongwe, May 4, Mana: Action Aid has said it will make sure that children in Community Based Childcare Centres (CBCCs) should continue learning as soon as possible amidst Covid 19 pandemic through radio education programs. 


This was said on Thursday in Machinga during the symbolic presentation of items that the organisation has donated to the district and other two districts namely Phalombe and Nsanje which mainly targets CBCCs.


The items worth 150,000,000 include 140 metric tons of soya corn flour which is 10kgs bags and cartons of soap and sanitary beckets. 


Speaking with Malawi News Agency (MANA) Action Aid Executive Director Assan Golowa said the organisation will soon adopt the radio education programs which are championed by government of Malawi and Save the Children to all CBCCs.


“We have had talks with save the children and they have agreed that we can use the radio programs to teach children in the CBCCs while observing the Covid 19 prevention measures by the ministry of health,” Golowa said.


Golowa said the organisation run early childhood education program in 10 districts in the country and this has been affected with Covid 19 just like any other school in the country. 


“As such while the children are at home we want to make sure that they listen to the radio educational programs and learn just like the way they were learning when there was no Covid 19 crisis,” Golowa said.


Golowa further said so far Covid 19 messages are targeting the adults as such as the children are being left out, so as they will be listening to the educational programs they will be able to get Covid 19 awareness messages as well.


He said their goal is to make sure that children in CBCCs continue to get nutritional food and also not to compromise their education in this time of Covid 19 crisis. 


Action Aid Vice Board Chairperson Dorothy Nampota said the organisation works hand in hand with government to make sure they improve people’s lives, as such they believe that in promoting people’s lives they should start with the children.


She said that is why their programs start with early childhood development and it goes on to support women and other vulnerable groups.


“Our interest is to start from the beginning that is why today we are targeting the young children in improving their nutritional status through the donation of flour but also improving their health through the donation of soap to assist in the fight against Covid 19 among children more especially in the CBCC,” she said.


She said they believe that when they nutritional status is improved their immune system will be able to fight Covid 19.


One of the beneficiaries Edith Kachoka commended ActionAid initiative because it will help a lot in the district as it will help children not to forget what they have been learning.


Kachoka said it is not known as when schools will be opened as such the initiative is vital in making sure that children do not just stay at home but rather keep learning using a different approach which is easily accessible.


She concurred with Golowa that messages are not targeting the young ones as such the radio awareness programs will help the young ones a lot .


“Adults know what to do when it comes to Covid 19 but this is different with the children who do not know what to do and touch almost everything without washing hands.


“As such when they get these messages, they will be cautious and take care of themselves even without adult supervision,” she said.


She therefore said as a parent she are looking forward as to when the initiative will commence.