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Tuesday, 10 July 2018 12:30

Farmers in LL ADD asked to use manure

Written by  Grace Kapatuka
Jana speaking during the event Jana speaking during the event

Ntcheu, July 10, Mana. Deputy Director in the Department of Irrigation, Chawanangwa Jana, has called upon farmers in Lilongwe Agricultural Development Division (ADD) to embrace manure- making and ensure that they use it in their farms in order to increase their crop production.

Speaking in Ntcheu at Nsipe Extension Planning Area (EPA) during the launch of manure-making and irrigation campaign for Lilongwe ADD, Jana said manure has the potential of enriching back the soil which is now degraded due to poor farming methods.

“I would like to urge you to start making manure and apply it in your gardens if we are to increase food production levels in the country. Farming has never been the same these years like it used to be some years ago.

“We have so many challenges this time which have come as a result of practicing poor farming methods as well as due to effects of climate change and other factors,” Jana said.

He added: “The use of manure is the only way that can help us increase our yield because it restores the soil’s lost fertility as well as helps in conserving water during dry spells.”

Jana said it is sad that farmers face many challenges which include disasters like floods and droughts, outbreak of fall army worms and intermittent rainfall among other factors which result into low production, hence the need to apply other new technologies to boost the harvest.

He also called upon farmers to intensify irrigation farming so as to supplement the harvest that they realized this year.

“Farmers are not supposed to go on holiday after harvesting. This is the time they are supposed to venture into irrigation farming. Let us make use of all the water resources that we have around us because that will also help us harvest some crops to supplement the food that we have,” advised Jana.

Also speaking during the same function, Lilongwe ADD Program Manager, Sheila Kang’ombe, advised farmers to take the manure and irrigation campaign seriously by making enough manure for their gardens as well as intensifying irrigation farming.

According to Kang’ombe, Lilongwe ADD has set a target of 2.5 million heaps of manure to be made as well as 7500 hectares of land to be put under irrigation by the end of the campaign which runs from July to September 2018.

The campaign was launched under the theme; Rich Earth, Rich People Restoring the soil for Sustainable Productivity.

During the launch, farmers displayed different manure making methods, soil and water conservation methods and livestock farming among others.
Lilongwe ADD covers Lilongwe, Dedza and Ntcheu districts.





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