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Monday, 14 May 2018 13:34

Mixed reactions surround 2017/ 2018 growing season

Written by  Catherine Mwamvani

Blantyre, May 12, 2018: There have been mixed reactions about the 2017/2018 growing season among people of diferent religions, with others describing it a result of  climate change while others have labeled the situation in the year a trial from God. 

Speaking in an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) on Friday, Presidential Advisor on Religious Affairs, Apostle Timothy Khoviwa said its high time people started taking responsibility of their actions since man was designated as a custodian of nature by God.

“The sin that we as Malawians have committed is against nature, the wanton cutting down of trees has led to the disturbance in the rain cycle,” Khoviwa who is also pastor for Word of Faith Temple Church observed.

Khoviwa, however, was quick to point out that the occurence of army worms in some districts can be described as on of the calamities that can befall a nation as a result of disobeying the Lord.

“Fighting a legally placed leadership that was ordained by God is one of the reasons calamities have befallen the nation,” Khoviwa argued, adding that utterances have the potential to bless or curse Malawi.

He, therefore, urged people to embrace positive confessions.

“President Peter Mutharika always encourages all Malawians to kneel down on their knees and pray for the nation. Let us make it a habit to pray for Malawi,” Khoviwa advised.

However, Publicity Secretary for Quadria Muslim Association of Malawi (QMAM), Sheikh Jafali Kawinga, said whatever comes from God be it good or bad is supposed to be regarded as a test.

“At times God entrusts us with bumper harvest as a nation to see how indebted we are to him but mischief also has the ability to stir the creator’s wrath,” said Kawinga.

Kawinga referred to incidents that used to occur during the days of the prophets in the  Quran where notable people who provoked the creator faced problems as a result of their inequities.

“God is giving us a lot of trial and not necesarily punishing us, some districts are experiencing relief while other districts are facing atrocities,” Kawinga said referring to the season’s harvest.

Kawinga, therefore, said as a nation it is the duty of each and every citizen to reflect and see where we have gone wrong in all sectors of well-being, ranging from spiritual, economic as well as political.

“Politically, are we conducting ourselves in the right manner? Are we celebrating the co-existence of different religions and tribes,” wondered Kawinga.

He, therefore, said there was need for individual reflection and repentance so that God should restore the nation’s lost glory.

“Individual reflection and repentance will lead to national sanctity and as such, when holding national prayers, we should all come together with one purpose and all having a sanctified heart in the eyes of the creator, dertermined in achieving one purpose which is the reclamation of lost glory,” said Kawinga.

The national day of prayer is usually held at the begining of each growing season each year.




Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera is the current President of Malawi. He was sworn into office on June 28, 2020 at Malawi Square, Bingu International Convention Centre, Lilongwe. Before joining frontline politics, Chakwera was President of the Malawi Assemblies of God from 1989 until he resigned on May...