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Monday, 01 June 2015 07:21

Malawi farmers encouraged to plant hybrid maize seeds

Written by  Memory Kutengule

Blantyre, June 1:  Mosanto Malawi has encouraged farmers in the country to plant hybrid maize seeds as they are resilient to unfavourable weather conditions and would enable them yield more for both domestic and commercial purposes.  

The company’s Sales and Marketing officer for the south, Denis Kachikho made the call Thursday during a field day visit at Kanzingeni village in the area of Traditional Authority Kwataine, Ntcheu.

Kachikho said Monsanto seeds easily adapt to different environments.

“Ntcheu is one of the areas that were not spared by disasters that affected crop production. However, those who planted hybrid maize seed have managed to harvest yields.

“This is why we are strongly encouraging farmers to start planting hybrid varieties that have high germination rate and survive in any weather condition so that they produce enough for consumption and for commercial gains,” he said.

Agriculture Extension Methodology Officer for Ntcheu District Agriculture Office, Francis Mwale said the office was on a campaign sensitizing farmers to utilize hybrid maize varieties so that they increase production.

“Looking at the persistent weather conditions in this district, we realized that there is a need for farmers to be sensitized on the importance of planting hybrid seeds so that they can have food at household level as well as national at large,” said Mwale.

He then thanked Monsanto Malawi for supporting government on efforts towards food security.

Monsanto Malawi produces hybrid maize seed such as Fumba, Mapasa, Mkangala, Nsangalabwi and Mchikumbe Wankulu and herbicides like Round-up and Harness EC.