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Monday, 10 June 2019 10:08

Farmers warned on post-harvest losses

Written by  Grace Kapatuka
A Malawian farmer A Malawian farmer

Ntcheu, June 10, 2019: The Acting Ntcheu District Agricultural Development Officer Francis Mwale has warned farmers in the district to watch against post-harvest losses which, he said, cause hunger.

Mwale was speaking recently during a field day organised by Bayer formerly known as Monsanto Malawi.

He said one common cause of post-harvest loss is the tendency by farmers to get excited after harvesting and sell all their produce thereby putting their families at hunger risk.

“Farmers sell all their produce because they get excited with money brought to them by vendors.

“The vendors become vigilant to steal from farmers by bringing different goods to sell to farmers or exchange them with maize. The excited farmers end up selling all what they produced,” he said.

Mwale asked farmers to keep enough food for consumption first before taking some to the market.

“I urge them to reserve enough food that can take their families through to the next harvest,” Mwale said.

He also urged them to desist from selling their farm produce to vendors whom, he said, offer low prices.

“I would urge them to take their produce to recommended markets like ADMARC [Agriculture Development and Marketing Corporation] for better prices,” Mwale said.

Senior Chief Kwataine asked farmers to continue working in their fields, saying harvesting period does not warrant them a holiday.

“A farmer does not go on holiday; this is the time we are supposed to start our farming activities in dimbas [wetlands],” Kwataine said.

During the field day, farmers showcased how different varieties of Dekalb maize seed perform.