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Monday, 27 May 2019 10:03

Malawi-China agriculture technology center drills farmers in bananas, vegetables production

Written by  Andrew Ndhlovu
Farmers that took part in the training Farmers that took part in the training

Lilongwe, May 27, 2019: Malawi-China Agriculture Technology training centre farm manager, Enoch Mthepheya has challenged farmers in the country to enhance their participation in activities that promote innovativeness towards the promotion of crops such as Bananas and Vegetables if the country is to achieve sustainable economic development.

Mthepheya made the remarks Saturday during the end of a three-day training workshop which started on Wednesday for farmers at Malawi-China Agriculture Technology training centre at Natural Resources College (NRC) in Lilongwe.

"We urge farmers to put their effort in vegetable and banana production which aims to combat poverty among farmers in the country and we are encouraging them to develop a positive mind towards promotion of agribusiness skills and knowledge that will help enhance and promote sustainable empowerment practices for them to excel,” Mthepheya said.

He said that the aim of the training workshop was to equip farmers with skills and knowledge of how best they can manage vegetables and bananas which face extinction due to bunch top disease which has forced the country to import bananas from Tanzania.


In her remarks, Deputy Director in the Ministry of Agriculture responsible for crops, Dr. Eveness Nyalugwe said that the training is crucial in providing proper propagation procedures in increasing production and eliminating challenges facing farmers in the long and medium term.

"Government through the ministry of agriculture is trying hard to combat challenges farmers are facing so that they have access to clean and safe planting materials free from diseases that affect their farm produce." Nyalugwe said.

She assured the trainees that the Ministry would embark on a campaign to sensitize farmers in various communities to benefit from this training through the provision of start-ups.

Commenting on the matter farmers representative, Chipiriro Kadyamaliro said the training had come at the right time when farmers were facing a lot of challenges in managing bananas and vegetables due to lack of skills for them to produce quality agric-products that are productive.

"We appreciate so much for this training because it has equipped us with knowledge and skills which will help us improve our farming and we promise to put whatever we have learnt here into practice so that we produce good farm products that can compete on international market," Kadyamaliro said.

The training drew over 30 farmers from Traditional Authorities, Njewa, Kalolo, Malili, Masula, Masumbankhunda, Mbwatalika in Lilongwe and Mlonyeni in Mchinji.