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Friday, 24 May 2019 05:57

Kabuwa farmers bemoan lack of farm inputs

Written by  Blessings Kaunda
Malawian farmers Malawian farmers

Mzuzu, May 24, 2019: Farmers from hard-to-reach Kabuwa in Traditional Authority Khosolo in Mzimba have expressed concern over lack of farm inputs for them to support farmers to carry out their daily activities in Sustainable agriculture.

Speaking in an interview Monday, Kabuwa lead farmers’ chairperson, Andrew Phiri, urged Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to support farmers with additional farm inputs which would help them produce bumper yield as well as conserve environment.

Phiri said Action Aid Malawi was the only NGO working with farmers in the area, but said it does not provide inputs such as seed.

He said Action Aid Malawi is the only NGO which supports farmers with different agricultural skills such as conserving environment andproduction of compost manure.

“Sustainable Agriculture is a good initiative to farmers and it has improved our yield. However, most farmers find it tough to buy farm inputs for themselves.

“People in the community are asking Action Aid to support farmers with farm input starter packs such as seedlings and farm tools,” he added.
Action Aid Program Coordinator through Women’s Forum, Trifonia Mithi, said farmers are now aware of sustainable agriculture and intercropping through trainings.

“Action Aid Malawi is there not to support farmers with farm inputs and seedlings, but to ensure that farmers are well educated on new farming technologies so that their harvest is improved.

“The trainings are meant to educate farmers from Kabuwa zone on new ways of farming like irrigation, which can help them to grow more than once in a season,” said Mithi.

She said farmers in Kabuwa are now conversant with new ways of farming.

Twenty lead farmers underwent the training at Jenda and Action Aid will continue to train farmers from Kabuwa to have bumper yield.