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Wednesday, 26 December 2018 10:20

Govt commissions three integrated water supply schemes in Zomba

Written by  Evance Chisiano
Govt commissions three integrated water supply schemes in Zomba File photo

Zomba, December 26, 2018. Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Kondwani Nankhumwa Friday commissioned three integrated water supply systems in Zomba which will help communities to adapt to effects of climate change through irrigation farming, fisheries, afforestation, bee keeping and village savings and loan.

Nankhumwa commissioned Sunuzi, Tilitonse and Chiswamafupa Integrated Water Supply Schemes at a function held at Mateketa Primary School in Traditional Authority M’biza in the district.

The integrated water supply system at Sunuzi, Tilitonse and Chiswamafupa has solar powered water pumps that supply water for household use, to irrigation schemes, fish ponds and tree nurseries.

“No one shall die of hunger in Malawi,” the minister said adding that was the wish of the Democratic Progressive Party led government.

He said government has put in place various ways to deal with food insecurity in areas that are affected by natural disasters such as drought and floods.

Zomba District Commissioner, Emmanuel Bambe said communities in the three schemes are mostly affected by drought such that it is expected that the irrigation schemes in the three areas will help them harvest enough food to address insecurity.

He said Zomba Council will continue to provide extension services to ensure farming communities benefit from irrigation farming and other activities within the integrated water supply scheme.

Sunuzi Scheme is in Traditional Authority M’biza while Tilitonse and Chiswamafupa Schemes are in Sub Chief Ngwelero and Traditional Authority Mwambo respectively.

Traditional Authority M’biza assured government of active community commitment in the integrated water supply schemes which he said are meant to be sustainable food sources.

“More farmers are participating in irrigation farming, fish farming, bee keeping , afforestation and village saving and loans groups at Sunuzi, Tilitonse and Chiswamafupa schemes.

“Food insecurity will be a thing of the past,” M’biza added, saying his area will soon be self-reliant.

Zomba District Council is implementing the three integrated water supply schemes with financial support from the Global Environment Facility through the UNDP to ensure that communities are resilient to climate change effects.