09 August 2020
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Sales competition hits Thyolo ADMARC

Written by  Hendriner Kagwira
Maize awaiting offloading at an ADMARC depot - File Photo Maize awaiting offloading at an ADMARC depot - File Photo

Thyolo, September 8, 2018: Thyolo Agricultural Development Marketing Corporation (ADMARC) Unit Marketing Officer, Vincent Liwonde on Thursday said his office is registering a decrease in its maize sales as most people in the district opt to buy the grain from vendors.  

He said the situation has forced them to start advertising in order to give a new breath to the dying sales at the station.

“Customers’ flow is not encouraging. Very few people are coming to buy maize at our station. I think it is because vendors are also selling the grain at same price and below unlike in the past when we were cheaper than the vendors,” Liwonde observed.

He added that the other reason behind the decrease would be customer’s lack of knowledge on price cuts the corporation made on the maize sell.

One of the people living around the Boma admitted that most of them flock to the vendors.

“In the meantime both ADMARC and the vendors are selling maize at MK150 per KG so there is no incentive for people to go for ADMARC. People go for ADMARC because most of the times the prices are lower and the grain is available but this time it is all the same,” A resident of Magombo Village in Thyolo, James Posomara.

He admitted that people know that vendors sometimes have issues with their scales but still go to them for their low prices.

One of the maize vendors in Thyolo Market, Mary Ndirande said they are registering better sales.

“Customers are coming in large numbers. People prefer us to ADMARC because we are offering a lower price for the grain” she explained.

Agricultural Monitoring and Evaluation Department Head for Thyolo, Blessings Mthobwa said that people are flocking to the Vendors because their prices are lower.

 He said that at district level, production of maize decreased with 11 per cent, a development which renders another burden on top of the deficit that hits the district every year.

Recently, the government announced new prices of Maize which is at K150.00 from K 250.00 per kilogramme (kg), yet vendors in the district are selling Maize at K150.00 or below per kg.


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