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Sunday, 31 May 2020 16:19

Kweza Arts to hold inaugural festival

Written by  By Blessings Kapina
Q Malawezi-leading the organizing team Q Malawezi-leading the organizing team

Lilongwe, May 31, 2020: Lilongwe-based organization-Kweza Arts says will hold an inaugural Kweza Festival to take place at Peak Gardens in area 44 in Lilongwe on May 29, 2021 under the theme ‘Our Heritage, Our Diversity.

 Festival founder, Qabaniso Malewezi said the one-day festival seeks to elevate the arts experience in Malawi through the cultural festival that will bring together authentic music, art and food in a unique family experience in the city.

‘’As a creative who has been part of many cultural events both locally and internationally, I am quite excited to assemble a team that will produce this niche cultural style festival that celebrates our nation’s diversity,” Malewezi said.

According to Malewezi, the concept of the festival is inspired by Kweza Arts’ vision to grow the Malawian Arts industry through promotion of visual interface spaces for the creative arts and also skills transference for arts-based managers and administrators.

He said added that the festival’s theme is inspired by the beauty that exists in the appreciation of the different customs that build communities and the harmony that follows from co-existence.

Echoing this sentiment, Festival Coordinator, Sharmila Elias said they believe the festival is important as it is crucial in promoting and celebrating cultural diversity.

“In establishment of a platform for authentic cultural expression, we hope to strengthen both local and international cultural relations through exchange and collaboration amongst artists, creatives and cultural industry professionals,’’ she said.

Elias further said they want to continue to encourage cultural interaction by hosting an event that has immersive features such as main stage performances with breath-taking authentic music, an arts market with an assortment of mementoes and a food gala area with a medley of cuisines.

The festival organisers, who are currently in talks with corporate sponsors as well as activity and non-profit partners, will soon open up the call for performers, exhibitors and vendors.

Head of PR for the Festival, Yolanda Ng’oma conceded that continuity and succession planning are the backbone of success in any industry.

She, therefore, said Kweza wants to support Creatives by helping them build wider arts-based network portfolios which accelerate their ‘on-the-job training’ experiences and foster the development of industry expertise.

“We want to continue to see a growing creative industry in Malawi that is true to itself, is of an international standard and represents the highest levels of excellence,” Ng’oma said.