29 September 2020
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Monday, 18 May 2020 09:19

Van Sem back with Illuminati cover

Written by  Moses Nyirenda

Lilongwe, May 18, Mana: Lilongwe based dancehall reggae musician, Van Sem has released a new single titled ‘Wapitadi’  which is covering a hit song titled ‘Illuminati’ which was originally done by one of the country’s youngest and rising dancehall reggae artist, Eli Njuchi.


In the original song, Eli Njuchi explained how he was approached by a lady who asked him to join illuminati in order for him to get rich and famous.


Kunali chimdima// ndinadabwa kadzanja kakundikodola// nditawonetsetsa anali mkazi okongola// timawu tathetemya n’kudzati tandilondola// ndilimunjila anayamba kundiuza nkhani// Eli uli ndiluso la bho// chankatikati tikudziwa wakumana ndizokhoma.


 “But we don’t know ngati unaganizilako za illuminati// ukango joina wapeza ulemelero// upeza zonse zomwe umafunitsitsa zija// ugwira chinkazi chomwe umafuna chija,” goes part of the original song.


With the same instrumental concept of the song, Van Sem in his cover is talking about the problems which come due to death, particularly on how people are affected when they have lost their loved ones.


Imfa siyimamvesetseka// siyimasankha ikafuna kutenga// dzana anali amayi amavano// lero yabweranso kudzatenga bambo// wangomaliza school mwana wanga wonani imfa yamutenga// mkazi ndangotenga dzulo koma mbuye wamukonda wagona tulo// wapitadi,” goes part of the cover.


In an interview with Malawi News Agency (MANA), Van Sem said he decided to work on illuminati cover as one way of appreciating Eli Njuchi’s music talent while at the same time assisting in promoting his music.

“Eli Njuchi is one of my favorite artists in Malawi. He inspires me and I love his music too, for this reason I decided to cover his track as one way of appreciating his amazing talent while at the same time helping in promoting his music,” Van Sem said.


Van Sem ventured into music industry in the year 2013 and was performing in a music group dubbed Cari Squad.


In the year 2014, the musician started working on solo music projects and released two hit songs titled ‘Pamela’ and ‘Magazi’ in the year 2019.


The Magazi hit maker is optimistic that, his new song will be enjoyed by his fans as well as Eli Njuchi’s music followers.


“My new song is the best track which my fans need to listen to and I hope they will like and enjoy the way it has been produced, in the same way I am also confident that Eli Njuchi’s music followers will also love the song just like the way they enjoyed its original track, Illuminati,” he said.


On his part, Eli Njuchi applauded Van Sem for coming up with illuminati cover saying the gesture would help to promote his talent in music.


“Van Sem’s cover for my track Illuminati, comes as an honor to me and I believe this development would contribute much in promoting my musical talent,” Eli Njuchi said.


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