29 September 2020
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Friday, 15 May 2020 08:23

Grewiz, Finnah gets first career signing under Focus 265 Management

Written by  Sylvester Kumwenda
Gerwiz Gerwiz

Lilongwe, May 15, 2020:Focus 265 Management has said they remain committed to scout and promotes upcoming female artists and give them a chance to make their mark in the largely male dominated industry.

This comes after the record management label gets on board two artists; Grewiz and Hannah, having signed three other female artists in February.

 “In line with our objectives, we decided to get these artists on board because of their strong passion, talent and desire to make it into the music industry in Malawi. So we gave them this chance to get exposed,” Khumbo Maononga of Focus 265 said.

Under the agreement, the record label will be responsible for amongst other things studio costs, promotions and live show performances to rub shoulders with other musicians.

Grewiz is one promising female dancehall artists who has recently ventured into the scene. Her most recent song, real woman, has captured the attention of many due t its lyrical maturity and her unique dancehall style.

She said her signing to Focus 265, which happens to be the first in her career, was a step much needed to pilot her into the right direction.

“It means a lot to me as an artist to work with a team like Focus 265. As an up and coming artist, l face a lot  of challenges  of which l cannot overcome on my own such as lack of studio sessions,  promotions, not to mention performing in big events. This will help me reach levels l could only dream of,” Grewiz said.

She alludes to the fact that a mere contract cannot on itself help her achieve big things in the industry.

Real name Chisomo Chimenya, Grewiz notes that many others have had a chance to be signed to other record labels but have failed to achieve their potential due to many factors.

 “I am one of the young ladies who is not easily shaken or drawn into silly things. I have rules and limits, and above all I have a strong passion for dancehall music and have dreams to achieve in the industry.

“All this coupled with hard work; I believe I have just the right formula to succeed. l will make  sure l dominate the industry  which is highly dominated by male artist right now and l will show them that we are capable of being  in the high ranks just like they are,” Grewiz said, who  envisions international recognition.

On her part, Finnah said to be a complete artist takes a lot of effort, resources and most of the times guidance.

“We require a lot of things to be on the map which we cannot manage on our own and as such, it is a great thing to be signed under Focus 265.

“I will do what I am supposed to do as an artist and make sure that I am composing a lot of good songs because this is my opportunity to come up with something great,” Finnah added, real name Mthisunge Mapira.

Maononga said despite all things said and done, the mantle remains on the artists to give the best of them.

“We expect them to work hard and take music as a serious carrier and not just a time filler or hobby.

“We would like them to build a long lasting carrier in music and still have them singing in the next 10 years, because Malawi Music is dominated by male Artists,” said Maononga.


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