05 August 2020
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Thursday, 26 March 2020 02:03

Gamba season Ep

Written by  Chisomo Chimenya

Lilongwe, 26 March, 2020: Phyzix set to drop his 13th extended playlist called Gamba season whichis based on the artist true self, honest music about life with an aim of inspiring and motivating the next generation.

Gamba season Ep will be released on 1st May 2020 while exclusive copies will be available for sale from the 10 April. Phyzix also known as Captain Bae has featured Dare Devilz, Teddy, Mercy, Fyah bwoy, Blak Jak in his new project.

In an interview with Malawi news agency the artist said songs that are in the Ep are encouraging people to overcome struggles, learn from mistakes, representing the ghetto and promoting hardworking.

“l have worked  hard and had so much fun creating this one, it is from the heart and am proud of this piece of art hopefully l believe people will enjoy this one two the same as they did with Solid Ep  in 2019,” he said.

Gamba season consist of nine songs of which two songs have already been released on the program on Made on Monday and they are enjoying air plays across the countries radio station.

“The Ep is  called Gamba Season because the time l used to make this kind of  music l used to call  myself Gamba, this time around am back of being Gamba,” Phyzix said.

The already released songs are Makofi which he featured Dare Devilz and Stich Fray while Dododo he featured Dare Devilz and Mercy, the artist is expecting to release another single from the Ep on 6th April.

Meanwhile, team its only entertainment (IOC) and Malawi marketers Group (CIM) yesterday have released Phyzix song  Tigonjetsa Corona virus produced by Don Foxxy, the hook goes by the lyric.

             A Malawi sitimagonja Nsanga/ Tinagwetsa zinthu zoposa matenda
             Aliyense panopa azisamba M’manja/ Tinagwetsa zinthu zoposa matenda
             Yachepa/nthenda ta Corona yachepa /yachepa /nthenda ya Corona yachepa

His previous project Solid Ep made 1.5 million sales from 400 copies which were sold using direct sales, pre-orders including others who wished to support him, the number of sales grew after his album launch.

The artist is hoping Gamba season will make tremendous sales like Solid, especially now due to lots of income from cancelled events because of Corona virus.


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