30 September 2020
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Khama Khwiliro breaks silence

Written by  Sellaphine Banda
Khwiliro - I am back (Pic courtesy of Khwiliro) Khwiliro - I am back (Pic courtesy of Khwiliro)

Lilongwe, March 23, 2020: Khama Khwiliro, one of the famous gospel artist, is set to release his new single on April 4 this year after a six year break.
In an interview with Malawi News Agency (MANA) on Thursday, Khwiliro said he is officially back and the release of the single is in preparation for a new album.

Khwiliro, whose first album was released in 2012, said he felt fresh and rebranded and as such his fans should look forward to the new songs.

“I think it is the time to break the silence after releasing my last album in 2014. Music has changed and as an artist it is important to grow with time while maintaining the brand,” he said.

Sekelera, which talks and teaches about love, is one of the singles to be released in April.

He said he will be releasing the singles in the beginning of every month until he drops his album.

Interestingly, Khwiliro’s return is under new management called Allkfresh Music Management.

He said being under the new management means that all his recordings, bookings, media experiences and music videos will be done at Allkfresh.

He called upon his fans to get prepared and expect fireworks from the new album.

“My message to my fans is that they should expect fireworks. The songs curtail real life experiences and possess an intimate touch to many soul journeys,” he said.

Realizing that musically fans have moved ahead since the release of his previous album, Khwiliro decided to change the approach to song composition.

“One thing my fans have to be aware of is that I am now an Afro soul/Afro artist and my genre has completely changed,” he said.

He, who is eyeing for the international market, said his fans will not only listen to the usual stuff but also reach out to them with music while also preaching.

Khwiliro, took a six year break in his career to reflect on a number of things and during that break he did guitar lessons at Blantyre Music Academy.

Previously, he used to be a vocalist, piano player, song writer and composer hence advancing his knowledge in music so that he can be adding more of acoustic to his music.

“I am also undergoing choreograph classes with Dancers Life Malawi. I noticed that our presentation of the stage work and shooting videos needed an upgrade hence enrolling for this course so that my videos should compete internationally,” he said.

Alfred Magombo, who   follows Khwiliro’s songs, said it has been a while since he listened to the new songs that will be released next month.

Khwiliro   has two   albums to his credit namely Nthawi Yanga Yakwana which was released in 2012 and Ndaona Kuwala which features the hit Alinawo Maso and Sakhala Chete which was released in 2014.


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