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Tuesday, 12 November 2019 05:04

Government hails Tumaini Festival

Written by  Sellaphine Banda
Rudo Chakwera, one of the musicians at the festival Rudo Chakwera, one of the musicians at the festival

Lilongwe, November 11, 2019:  Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Homeland Security has hailed this year Tumaini sixth edition festival, saying the occasion will help people from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Malawi to come together and share ideas.

Speaking during the official launch of this year’s Tumaini Festival at Dzaleka in Dowa last Saturday, Danken Malowo   said Tumaini festivals have brought peace and harmony between the two nations.

“I have seen women from DRC making nice baskets that they are selling to help orphans within Dzaleka Camp and the baskets are really nice.

“I have seen some Malawian women who are also learning how to make these baskets, which means our roots are the same,” Malowo said.

In his remarks, Tumaini Festival founder, Menes La Plume said since the introduction of Tumaini festival, he was very impressed with the turnout   to the event.  

“Let me thank the team I have been working with, it was an amazing team,” Plume said. 

One of the fans who came from Salima, Mary Kaluwa said she was impressed with the organization of the festival.

“I really had fun, the sound of music was really good and the artists that performed here are good as well,” she said.

The festival was spiced up with the performances by Patience Namadingo, Soul Raiders Band, Suffix, Princess Chitsulo, Rudo Chakwera and many others.

The aim of the festival was to celebrate peace and cultural values within Africa. Tumaini festival comes on the first week of November every year at Dzaleka Refugee Camp.


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