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Soldier, son mesmerize Mangochi fans at Davido Lounge launch

Written by  Tionge Kasolota
Soldier - performed till dawn  Pic. By Tionge Kasolota _ Mana Soldier - performed till dawn Pic. By Tionge Kasolota _ Mana

Mangochi, August 1, 2019: Malawi music icon, ‘Soldier’ Lucius Banda, his son, John, and Zembani Band were the centre of attraction Saturday night at Mangochi Boma as they dished out their best at the launch of the new club in town, Davido Lounge.

Soldier and his Zembani Band kept the fans busy on their feet throughout the night up to the wee hours of Sunday morning leaving everyone fully satisfied.

The show started at around 8 O'clock in the evening with Zembani Band performing different songs to warm the stage and to ignite the ‘happy mood’ among the eager audience.

Lucius' son, John came to the stage with a pomp and applause before he grabbed the microphone to dish out some reggae pieces.

The junior ‘Soldier’ sent the audience into a very sweet delirium and when he announced it was time to leave the stage the audience protested vehemently, asking for more songs from him.

It wasn’t until when John sang his father’s John, which was dedicated to the son himself, that the audience now let him take leave of the stage.

Veteran musician Sam Smack continued to keep the tempo high with his songs like Sofia and other copyright songs by other artists.

The Soldier stormed the stage with a deafening applause at exactly 12:48AM and took the fans into a steamy gig throughout the wee hours of Sunday.

The fan threw praises to the soldier and his band’s performance saying it was worth the time and the K2,000 they had paid per head at the gate.

"This is what we have been waiting for; fun worth our money and time,” said one of the fans, Halima Twaibu, adding: “We are very happy that for the first time we now have a club at the Boma suitable for big bands like Lucius Banda and Zembani Band.”

The Soldier also expressed his gratitude to the director and management of Davido Lounge for honouring him and the Zembani Band to perform at the official launch of the entertainment centre, and the fans for highly patronizing the show.

"Let me take this opportunity to thank Gerald Kazembe, the owner of Davido Lounge, for coming up with this beautiful place and let me also thank you my fans for coming in large numbers; we will be performing here repeatedly because the venue is close to you and convenient to us, too," said Lucius.

The Soldier also announced that he was going to celebrate his birthday on 27 August with another show at Davido Lounge to allow people of Mangochi to join him in celebrating the day.

Davido Lounge is located right at the Boma, at the intersection of the Mangochi-Liwonde Road and Mangochi-Chilipa Road, opposite Ahad Shop, near Mangochi Main Round About.

The Lounge’s Managing Director Gerald Kazembe said he was happy that the Lounge had been launched in a style.

"This is overwhelming and the response that people have given us shows that we have launched the place at the right time when people needed it most,” said Kazembe.

He added: “The high patronage tells us that people have liked the place and we pledge to bring them the best services ever."

Apart from stocking all types of alcoholic and soft drinks, the Lounge also has a restaurant which serves local foods; the place is also suitable for hosting wedding and engagement parties, and other family events such as birthday parties. 


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