23 October 2020
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Tuesday, 15 September 2020 09:08

More needs to be done before schools are fully opened

Written by  Blessings Kaunda
Nyirongo  calls on NGOs Nyirongo calls on NGOs

Mzuzu, September 15, Mzimba North Director of Administration, Tamala Nyirongo has emphasised on the need to do more in promoting Covid-19 prevention measures before schools are fully re-opened.

Speaking in an interview on Mondays, Nyirongo said with very few learners who are in their final year classes, schools still face the challenges of enhancing adherence to Covid-19 prevention measures as some schools do not have portable water sources.

“Portable water is the main catalyst for hygiene but most schools though they have readmitted learners only in final year classes still face challenges in accessing water,” said Nyirongo.

Nyirongo then called on non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to support the education sector with the required materials for Covid-19 prevention before schools are fully opened come mid-October.

“The current situation in some schools leaves much to be desired, some of them do not have water sources with some having insufficient hand washing facilities and others do not have enough learning desks which are very paramount in maintaining social distance between learners,” she said.

She said in some instances learners are forced to walk long distances to fetch water from rivers, a development which she said compromises their class attendance.

“Some learners cover over three kilometers to fetch water. Therefore, I appeal to organizations and individuals to rescue these schools from these challenges so that there is safe teaching and learning amidst Covid-19,” said Nyirongo.

Commenting on the matter, District School Health and Nutrition Coordinator, (DSHNC) for Mzimba North, Rachel Mziya said as much as the office of the District Education Manager had provided schools with personal protective equipment (PPEs) the supply is insufficient.

Schools were re-opened on September 7, 2020 for final year classes and the remaining classes are expected to open in mid-October after a five month break due to Covid-19.