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Monday, 16 December 2019 13:07

Government Receives US $1 million for Flood Recoverly Interventions

Written by  Lameck Kwalimba

Lilongwe, December 16, 2019: Chinese Ambassador to Malawi, Liu Hongyang, says China wants to see real change in the lives of people affected by floods that occurred in March, 2019.
The ambassador was speaking Wednesday in Lilongwe during the signing ceremony of the partnership of the Malawi Government, China and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in the recovery interventions on the aftermath of the March, 2019 floods.

“We think every country has to work in partnership and especially within the United Nations system. We believe in multilateral systems.

"We want to see people in disaster-hit areas come back to normal life as soon as possible," said Hongyang.

Through UNICEF, China has provided US$1 million (K724.8 million) to Malawi to support communities that are still recovering from floods that affected them last rainy season.

According to the post-disaster report released by the Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DODMA), early this year, about 868, 895 people were affected by floods and other related disasters across the country.

The report also estimated that the cost of effects of the heavy rains and floods was US $220.2 million (over K159.4 billion) and that government would require about US$370 million (over K267.9 billion) to help the affected people recover and reconstruct.

DoDMA’s Deputy Director of Disaster Response and Recovery, Dyce Nkhoma, commended the Government of the Peoples Republic of China, saying the support has come as a compliment to Malawi Government efforts to rehabilitate lives of those who were affected by the floods.

“In the recovery interventions, we are targeting all the sectors prioritising the transport sector.

“You know there were a lot of roads and bridges that were damaged, so as government, we are trying to fix those, you know for the country to develop there is need for good roads,” said Nkhoma.

“We are also targeting the Education Sector because that is the future of the country and funds allowing, we are going to go to all the sectors including agriculture which is the backbone of the country’s economy. There were a lot of irrigation schemes which were destroyed that were helping our communities in the villages," he added.

UNICEF representative to Malawi, Rudolf Schwenk, said was happy with the signing of the first ever agreement between the Government of China and Malawi through UNICEF.

"The generous funding from the People's Republic of China will contribute in the area of sanitation, hygiene and nutrition but also in child protection and education.

“So it is really cross sectoral and I'm sure it will really make a big difference. We feel very privileged to work with the government and support children of Malawi in our common goal or shared values to achieve human rights and those of the children," Schwenk said.