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Thursday, 20 June 2019 07:25

Mzuni FC survives on well wishers

Written by  Donata Mpochela

Mzuzu, June 20, 2019: Mzuni Football Club has said lack of sponsorship has affected player’s psychology and performance.

In an interview Tuesday, Mzuni FC Chairperson, Mtungambela Harawa said in the absence of funds, inspiration of players is a challenge.

“We lost to Karonga United in the Airtel Top 8 because we failed to prepare well. Of course as a team, we were so anxious to win the game and reach finals,” he said.

Harawa said, the team’s survival is at the mercy of well-wishers.

He said journalists, organizations and members of the community have joined hands saving the team from extinction.

“We are helped with materials such as money and food items. Slowly we hope to be out of the situation,” Harawa explained.

He called upon other well-wishers to join the band wagon.

“Anybody can help the boys to fulfill their dream in football. We cannot just abandon them amid high unemployment rate in the country,” the Chairperson pointed out.