30 September 2020
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Thursday, 19 March 2020 03:14

Vendors storm Zomba City Council over market space challenge

Written by  Synd Kalimbuka and Thandizo Chadzandiyani
Councilor Anthony Gonani: Deputy Mayor for Zomba City Councilor Anthony Gonani: Deputy Mayor for Zomba City MANA

Zomba, March 18, 2020:Vendors who operate outside Mpondabwino Market in Zomba City on Wednesday protested against City authorities for victimizing them and damaging their properties.

Vendors from inside the market are accusing those selling merchandise outside for contributing to the low turn up of customers inside the market. 

However, those selling outside the market claim there is no space inside, adding that when they enter to do business inside the market they are chased away due to lack of space.

 According to Chairlady for Vendors who trade outside the market, Netsayi Bwanali, City authorities have been forcing them to conduct their business inside the market but there was no space to accommodate them.

 "We were surprised to see City extension workers in collaboration with vendors who sell their items inside the market came to victimize us and damage our items in the process," she explained

 Those affected marched to Civic Offices to present their concerns.

 They chanted songs on their way, complaining that extension workers from the city receive bribes from vendors who sell inside the market to victimize them.

 Deputy Mayor for Zomba City Council, Councillor, Anthony Gonani confirmed that concerned vendors presented their concerns to him.

 He promised them that the Council would find solution to the problem as they would meet all concerned parties.

 "We have received their grievances and will meet both parties today at 3pm to map the way forward," Gonani pointed out.

 Business was brought to a standstill all morning at Mpondabwino Market following the misunderstanding.

 Vendors have been shunning occupying the multimillion modern market which government constructed at Matawale as they claim government did not consult them since its located not in a suitable place.


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