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Friday, 13 March 2020 07:17

New Generation of Youth for Christ (NGYC) up for youth empowerment

Written by  Lameck Kwalimba
Pic. Courtesy of Musichi Pic. Courtesy of Musichi


Lilongwe, March 13, 2020:New Generation of Youth for Christ (NGYC) will hold its first conference at Kortasia Lodge in Lilongwe on April 4, 2020 with the aim to instill in the youth a spirit of helping those who are less privileged.

NGYC is a newly established Adventist-based national youth organisation.

The conference will be graced by speakers such as Governor of the Reserve Bank of Malawi, Dr. Dalitso Kabambe, CEO of Fortress Business and Logistics Consultants, Dr. Karl Chokotho and Women’s Ministries Director of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Malawi who is also a human rights activist, Emily Banda Egolet.

Among other things NGYC will provide a platform for the youth to be trained in leadership positions and take an active role in the church.

In an interview on Wednesday, Chokotho, who will deliver a speech on Leadership at the forthcoming conference, said NGYC conference will provide platform for the revival of potential in the youth.

He said this will help the youth to reclaim their God-given leadership promise found in Deuteronomy 28:11-13.

“Some people rise to management [positions] but aren’t leaders. Leaders leave legacies, managers leave changeable structures.

“It’s uncommon for employees to resign from being leaders but very common for them to resign from being managers,” said Chokhotho.

Among other things, Kabambe will unveil secrets to success and on how to use financial resources for God’s work while Egolet will teach on Girls’ Empowerment and gender- based violence.

NGYC was born in 2018 from the ideas of two youthful individuals, Chancy Chibonga Makowa and Nicole Kanyandula.

Speaking in Lilongwe on Tuesday, Makowa said the idea to have such an organisation was ignited when he noted there was a huge gap between the youth and the adults in the church.

“I thought that, maybe, we can come up with something for the youth, something that can accommodate the youth because many times, it’s difficult for them to express themselves and do things freely when they are among adults,” he said.

“So, we thought of building something. A new generation of the youth who will serve people; who will reach out to people who need both physical and spiritual help,” he added.

Makowa further said there was need to have the youth who could take an active part in special responsibilities like sweeping the streets, reaching out to the poor and helping out the sick.

According to NGYC’s National Chairperson, Tionge Chisi, the organisation is open to everyone regardless of denominational background.

Currently, the youth organisation is funded through contributions from members, well-wishers and Choice Construction.</p


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