18 August 2018
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Tuesday, 15 May 2018 13:21

Kasungu schools participate in Japanese sports festival

Written by  Sheila Kathewera
Students battling it out in wrestling game Students battling it out in wrestling game

Kasungu, May 15, 2018: Japanese Overseas Volunteers (JOVCs) organized a sports festival for various primary schools in Kasungu during the weekend with a call for students to regard sporting activities seriously as part of their education.

The sports festival known as UNDOKAI included various Japanese sporting activities which the volunteers have been teaching in primary schools in the district.

The organiser of the event, Yu Kurita, said they decided to hold the festival as one way of promoting physical fitness as well as to encourage cooperation, solidarity and unity among students through sports.

"Education is not only reading; sporting activities also form part of physical education as they help students to be physically fit and strong. Sporting also teaches students to cooperate and work as a team in every task or activity they are given," said Kurita.

In her remarks, Suza Primary School teacher, Ruth Chirwa, hailed the Japanese Volunteers for introducing various sports disciplines in their schools, saying students have learnt to socialize and associate with others.

"UNDOKAI has taught our students to associate with fellow students from different schools, and we have also seen an improvement in their physical capabilities. We are very grateful to the Japanese volunteers for training our students in such games," Chirwa said.

During the festival, schools competed in different games which included "Kibasen" a game in which students ridded on the backs of others while pulling other riders off the back. Another is "Tunahiki", a rope-pulling contest and "Sumo" a Japanese wrestling game.


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