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Mwampita to promote Karate sport in the country

Written by  Moses Nyirenda
Mwampita perfoms a body balancing kick Mwampita perfoms a body balancing kick

Lilongwe, January 11, 2017: To many people in the country, Karate sport may not sound that familiar as compared to other sporting activities. 

This is one of the reasons Lilongwe based legendary martial artist, Andrew Mwampita has ventured on a challenging mission of promoting Shotokan Karate in the country.

He disclosed this Thursday to Malawi News Agency (Mana) in Lilongwe that he is currently under intensive practice of Shotokan (which a style of Japanese martial arts) as he looks forward to open a Karate school and promote the sport in the country.

“I am training Japanese martial arts disciplines in body, mind and soul. I want to make the sport very familiar in Malawi and after finishing my course I want to open a Karate school,” Mwampita revealed.
Mwampita who is a 1st Kyu (Brown belt holder) said his mission has already started taking shape.

“I am in a better place towards my mission as I am now able to train juniors as well as senior students of Shotokan Karate,” he added.

With Motivation by Bruce Lee and Van Dame, Mwampita ventured into martial arts world way back in 1998 with bush karate.

In 2000, he joined professional Shotokan Karate at Don Bosco Youth Centre where he was first trained by Sensei (teacher) known as Tito.

According to him, he has since dedicated himself to the ultimate dream of mastering Shotokan Karate and opening the school.

“Every day when I wake up in the morning I train Karate, there after I start my job as a driver,” he pointed out

Mwampita eluded that, “Sometimes when I travel to places where there is no space to train, I do train in my track. In my free time, I watch Karate movies and read different Karate books written by Japanese Karate experts which helps me to further master my karate skills,”

Mwampita pointed out that he only participates in local Karate competitions that take place in the country but says his dream is to compete in international karate tournaments and fly the Malawi flag high.

The brown belt holder revealed that he has a dreams of graduating from Sho Dan (first Black belt).

“My challenge is lack of financial support as it takes a lot of money to graduate the Sho Dan and is only offered in South Africa after being approved by countries senior instructors of Karate,” he lamented.


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